Do Not Feel Jealous Of What Allah Has Given To Other Muslims

Hazrath Ali Quote Regarding Envy

“Do Not Feel Jealous Of What Allah Has Given To Other Muslims.”

Envy [hasad] is one of the diseases of the heart in which a person desires for the end of Allah’s blessings from another person and desires to attain it for himself.

From this Golden quote, one could take heed and stop feeling jealous of other Muslims if Allah has given them wealth, knowledge, good position or any merit. Through envy, no one can stop what Allah has destined for a person. In fact, if you also want to get blessings of Allah, be satisfied with what Allah has given to other Muslims. Acquire knowledge continuously, work in a legal way and pray to Allah for his blessings and mercy. In this way, you will acquire many merits without belittling or hurting other Muslims.

Note: Few people unknowingly consider even the qualities of sinning like music, dancing, fashion show, cheating, lying, robbing, fornication, etc,. to be the talents and blessings which is wrong. Desiring for end of such mischievous or Anti-Islamic acts is not a sin. It is a good wishing.

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