Surah Ikhlas Benefits

  1. Surah Ikhlas benefits in English

    1. Surah Ikhlas for black magic

      Black magic is a malicious dark art that makes use of supernatural evil powers for the fulfillment of some need. Usually, people cast black magic on an individual due to their enmity, jealousy or grudge. The target person upon whom black magic was cast experiences several symptoms. Some of the symptoms are hearing strange voices, knocking sound when no one is there, difficulty in breathing, pain in the body, no sleep or excessive sleep, burning sensation etc,. Recite Surat Al Ikhlas, Surat Al Falaq and Surat An Naas 41 times. Blow it on your body. Blow on some water. Drink it and sprinkle some on your body.

    2. Surah Ikhlas for baby boy

      Couples wish to have both a baby boy and a baby girl. Even if one is missing they remain unsatisfied. Though both the boys and the girls are the blessings of Almighty ALLAH, many families desire eagerly to have a baby boy. The main reason is that the boy will look after them and spend money on them but the girl will go to another house with her husband. Taking help of black tactics is highly prohibited. However, you can implement dua for baby boy. Recite Surah Ikhlas 41 times. Then recite the dua of Zakariyya (peace be upon) 700 times. رَبِّ هَبْ لِى مِن لَّدُنكَ ذُرِّيَّةً طَيِّبَةً ۖ إِنَّكَ سَمِيعُ ٱلدُّعَآءِ  (O my Lord! Grant me a righteous child as Your special favor; surely you hear all prayers) #Aale Imran

    3. Surah Ikhlas for business

      Business is an organized activity and serves as an integral part of modern society. In general, it improves the standard of living. Gives you profit. Enables people to satisfy their wants economically. Every business needs finance for its proper functioning. One should carry out proper financial planning for running their business. If you are not finding any source for starting a business, this wazifa can help you out. To have blessings in business and protection from illegal money recite Surah Ikhlas 90 times daily and pray after Fajr salah.

    4. Surah Ikhlas for deceased

      You should keep on reciting the Quranic chapters and send its reward to the deceased. Pray for them. Ask Allah’s mercy and forgiveness for them. Recite Surah Ikhlas several hundred times and beg to ALLAH for their forgiveness. Though it is not a compulsory deed to recite the Holy Quran for the deceased person yet it is a permissible and good act. It is proved from several hadith that the Prophet (peace be upon him) advised his companions to give charity on behalf of the deceased. Recite Surat Al Ikhlas 1000 times for 11 or 21 days and send its reward to the deceased.

    5. Surah Ikhlas for Enemy

      You should not be harsh with your enemy like he is with you, it does not mean that you should not defend yourself from your enemies. Islam teaches us not to harm others unnecessarily nor get harmed by others. Different enemies try to harm you at different levels. Sometimes, you may succeed in knowing who is your enemy and what are his motives. While at other times, you may misinterpret some person to be your enemy though he is not. If you are unsure of who is your enemy, just perform the wazifa and make dua for protection from all enemies. To remain protected from enemy, recite Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, Surah Naas, first 5 and last 5 verses of Surah Baqarah and Ayat Al Kursi 21 times. Perform it in the morning and evening.

    6. Surah Ikhlas for getting pregnant

      After marriage, your family eagerly wait to hear the good news of a baby soon. Many modern girls like to lead a childfree life fearing the responsibilities of children. They want to enjoy their life alone. But children are a gift of Almighty ALLAH. As a Muslim mother, you get reward for taking care of your child, teaching him manners and giving him good education for the sake of Allah. If you are having problems in pregnancy carry out this short wazifa. Recite Durood, Surat Al Ikhlas 21 times each. Then recite the dua of Ibrahim (peace be upon him) 313 times. Blow it on almond and eat it. رَبِّ هَبْ لِي مِنْ الصَّالِحِينَ  O my Lord! Grant me a Righteous (child).

    7. Surah Ikhlas for husband love

      A husband is an amazing gift and blessing of Almighty ALLAH. A pious husband can make your life and hereafter beautiful. No one is fully perfect. The wife, as well as the husband each, have some defects along with good qualities. The partners must learn to handle the situation effectively. Due to some reason if husband love is getting down, then the wife could implement the wazifa and make dua for husband love. Recite Surah Qul 300 times. Blow on eatables and give it to your husband.

    8. Surah Ikhlas for job

      Job is a basic need of everyone. When you do not have any source of income, you stay worried constantly. It may affect your health or you may feel jealous looking at others that they employed and in a good position. Once you have a proper education, it requires some effort from your side in finding a suitable job. In some cases, you may need financial support from your parents like if you want to start a business. In spite of trying hard if the opportunities seem scarce to you, it is the right time to pray for your job. Recite Surah Ikhlas 7 times. Then enchant Surah Muzammil 40 times and pray for job soon.

    9. Surah Ikhlas for love

      When a person loves someone he expects equal love back from that individual otherwise he suffers. Love is a very beautiful emotion only when it is both sided. When both partners love each other, they attain tranquility. To induce your love into the creation, you first need to love Almighty ALLAH with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. When you love ALLAH more than anyone else, you will start obeying him and his messenger. To attain this, you should recite Surah Ikhlas 500 times daily.

    10. Surah Ikhlas wazifa for love marriage

      Are you having trouble taking your person of choice to the next level of getting married? Are you facing hurdles in your marriage? Is any of the family member rejecting it? Or the person whom you love is not getting committed with you in a marriage relationship? The first step to unlocking solutions to all the mentioned problems is through performing the wazifa for love marriage if you have got positive Istikhara results and the person is a good match of you. After your Isha salah recite Surah Ikhlas 313 times along with Durood e Shareef 11 times before and after. Make supplication for the marriage of choice.

    11. Surah Ikhlas for marriage

      Marriage is a sign of Allah’s mercy upon human beings. In spite of our great efforts and best intentions, many a time, we do not get a compatible partner for marriage. Problems and issues are a part of one’s life. Instead of running away from problems or cursing it, we should turn to our creator Almighty ALLAH who can turn away the troubles from you and grant comfort to you. Recite Surat Al Ikhlas 41 times every night and pray. Keep up the practice till you get married.

    12. Surah Ikhlas for wealth

      Wealth is required for the normal functioning of one’s life. When there is a lack of money or resources, you should make a way out for a legal source of income. When all the doors are closed from everywhere, prayer opens new routes. By the means of Islamic dua, one can clear blockages in their money and prosperity. The extreme scarcity of wealth and prolonged poverty puts the person on the wrong track, make him involved in bad habits. In order to protect one’s faith, he should earn legitimate wealth. Recite Surat Al Ikhlas 111 times and pray to ALLAH.

    13. Surah Ikhlas for wishes

      If your wishes do not come true whatever you do, then it is the best time to pray. The Quranic verses are highly effective in bringing all your good wishes to come true. Right after you perform the spiritual practice correctly with full dedication, you will notice changes in your life. Praying is a powerful way of fulfilling your legitimate needs and desires. Reciting the Surat Al Ikhlas 1000 times on the eve of Islamic festivals or on the day of Arafah in the afternoon will bless you with the fulfillment of your wishes.

  2. Surah Ikhlas benefits in Urdu

    1. Surah Ikhlas for hub

      Log aksar Mohabbat ke gham me doobe huwe hote hain. Ya toh mohabbat mein nakaam hone ki wajeh se ya koi ladhayi jhagde ki wajeh se rishte toot jaate hain. Ya rishta ho bhi gaya aur shadi bhi hogayi lekin gharwalo ko pasand na hone ki wajeh se waqt guzarne ke sath sath aapas mein nafratein paida hojati hain. Aisi surat mein hub ka wazifa karke rohani madad li jasakti hai. Awwal wa aakhir durood ke saath 500 martaba Surah Ikhlas padhein aur dua karein.

    2. Surah Ikhlas for hajat

      Zarurat aur hajat insan ki roz marra zindagi ka ek ahem hissa hai. Allah ta’ala ne hamein har choti badi zarurat ke liye dua mangna sikhaya hai. Lop apse us waqt naraaz hote hain jab aap unse koi cheez mangte ho lekin Allah Rabbul i’zzat humse us waqt naraaz hota hai jab hum usse kuch nahi mangte. Isse badhkar kya cheez hosakti hai keh apka Rub apko ata kare jab aap usse dua maange. Koi sehat ke talabgaar hote hain toh koi daulat ke. Har tarah ki jaiz hajat ke liye yeh amal mufeed hai. Eid ke din 1000 martaba Surat Al Ikhlas padhkar dua karne se har hajat qubool hoti hai.

    3. Surah Ikhlas for rizq

      Rizq ki kami ya rizq ki ziyadati donon hi insan ko mushaqqat me dalsakti hai. Musalsal muflisi aur tangdasti insan ko gunah ke raah par pohuncha sakti hai. Isi tarah had se zyada daulat bhi insan ko Allah se ghafil karsakti hai. Lihaza har tarah ke gunah se Allah ki panah mangna chahiye aur seedhe raah par chalne ki taufeeq mangte rehna chahiye. Agar aap rizq mein khair wa barkat chahte hain toh yeh amal karamad hai. Rizq mein barkat ke liye 1 martaba Surah Fatiha, 7 martaba Surah Ikhlas padhkar dum karein.

    4. Surah Ikhlas for rishta

      Har jawan ladka aur ladki chahte hain keh jald se jald unki shadi jald se jald hojaye. Shadi ke begair apni umar guzarte huwe daikhna unhe pasand nahi hota. Kayi logon ke sath aisa hota hai keh lakh koshish ke bawajud unke sonch ke mutabik rishta nahi mil pata. Aisi surat mein woh zindagi se mayoos hojate hain. In haalaat mein Islami wazaif aur dua ka sahara lena chahiye. Allah ki madad se apko ek acha rishta miljayega. Acha rishta aane ke liye rozana Isha ki namaz ke baad Surat Al Ikhlas 41 martaba padhkar dua karein.

    5. Surah Ikhlas for aulad

      Shadi ke baad apke khandan wale log, aulad ki khush khabri sunne ke muntazir hote hain. Kayi naujawan ladkiyan aulad ki zimmedari se bhagti hain aur akele rehna pasand karti hain. Woh zindagi ka lutf uthane ke liye hamila hona pasand nahi karti. Lekin aulad Allah ta’ala ki nematon mein se hai. Musalman aurat ko bache ki paidaish, uske daikh bhaal aur tarbiyat karne par sawab milta rehta hai. Lekin kuch auratein khwaishmand hone ke bawajud aulad se na mehrum hoti. Agar woh chahti hain unhe aulad ho toh yeh amal karein. Aulad ke liye 21 martaba Surah Qul padhein aur Hazrat Ibrahim a’laihissalam ki dua 313 martaba padhkar badam par dum karke khalen. رَبِّ هَبْ لِي مِنْ الصَّالِحِينَ  (Aye mere Rab, muje neik aulad ata farma).

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