Imam Ghazali Quotes

  1. Iman Ghazali Quotes in English

    1. Imam Ghazali quotes about education

      1. “The life of the heart is knowledge so preserve it. The death of the heart is ignorance, so avoid it.”
      2. “Arguing on the sacred knowledge makes your heart hard and results in hatred.”
    2. Imam Ghazali about love

      1. “In order to get what you love, you should first be patient with that you hate.”
      2. “Many times love between two persons increases due to their spiritual affinity not because of beauty or some other benefit.”
      3. “When ALLAH loves his servant, he increases people’s need for him.”
      4. “The kind, loving servant among the servants of ALLAH is the one who desires for the creation of ALLAH what he desires for himself and the highest part of it is to prefer them over himself.”
    3. Imam Ghazali quotes about friends

      1. “The real friend of your’s is the one who, if you ask him to come along with you, he does not ask where.”
      2. “Those who look for seashells will find seashells but those who open them will find pearls.”
    4. Imam Ghazali quotes on death

      1. “Live as long as you wish but you must die, love whatever you want but you will get separated from it. Do whatever you want but you will be repaid for it.”
      2. “Do not be like deceived fools who are happy because their wealth is increasing each day while their life is getting ever shorter.”
      3. “Do not think that muslim’s death is death. Nay but it is life.”
    5. Imam Ghazali quotes on knowledge

      1. “Teach what you know to the one who does not know and learn from him what you do not know. By doing this, you would learn what you were unaware of and you could retain that you already know.”
      2. “Knowledge without action is waistefulness and action without knowledge is foolishness.”
    6. Al Ghazali quotes on happiness

      1. “The happiness of a man lies in becoming the master of his ego, whereas all his sufferings are when his ego becomes his master.”
      2. “There is no sadness, grief or ailment in remembrance of ALLAH. If you want to be free of all these, hold fast to Almighty ALLAH and no one else.”
    7. Imam Ghazali quotes on ramadan

      1. “Almighty ALLAH has given extra degree of honour to fasting by attributing it to himself.”
      2. “Fasting is an act of hidden worship, no one is actually able to see you fast. It prevents one’s intention from getting corrupted.”
      3. “By fasting, a muslim is able to control his desires and hinder the effects of devil.”
    8. Al Ghazali quotes on sufism

      1. “I have never dealth with something more difficult then my own soul. It sometimes help me and sometimes resists me.”
      2. “Desires make kings slaves and patience makes slaves kings.”
      3. “Purification of soul is the serious necessity, the world is behind, hereafter is ahead, death is near and the provisions are less.”
      4. “The heart which is alive and is constantly in remembrance of Almighty ALLAH is that which keeps the self away from harming itself intentionally.”
      5. “By your good intention, a sin can never be transformed into obedience.”
      6. “If you do not ward off your first inner thought, it will create a desire, then it will give rise to a wish. And the wish results into an intention and the intention will cause the action that probably will ruin  you and earn the divine wrath of Almighty. Therefore, evil must be cut off at it’s root that is when it is a simple thought crossing your mind from which all other things follow.”
    9. Imam Ghazali quote on time

      1. “Whenever I look back at my life, I realize that every time I thought I was rejected from something good,  I was redirected to something much better than that.”
      2. “Do not neglect your time nor waiste it otherwise you should bring yourself to account.”
    10. Hazrat Imam Ghazali Sayings on character

      1. “The bad character of a man punishes his own soul.”
      2. “The tongue is very light-weighted and small but it can take you to greatest heights or throw you in the lowest level.”
      3. “The one who complains of the bad character of other muslim reveals the badness of his own character.”
      4. “The real purpose of self-descipline is to keep one’s heart constantly in the presence of Almighty ALLAH.”
    11. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes on health

      1. “Control your diet in order to have good health.”
    12. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes about hypocrisy

      1. “The believer looks for good qualities and excuses in other muslims whereas the hypocrite looks for faults in them.”
    13. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes about speaking

      1. “Soft words soften the hearts harder then rocks, whereas harsh words harden the hearts that are softer then silk.”
      2. “Habituate yourselves to a gentle tone while speaking, for verily many times, the tone has greater impact then speech.”
    14. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes about faith

      1. “Four traits perfect your faith, lift you to the highest ranks even if your works and knowledge is little. They are – Generousity, Good character, Humility and endurance.”
      2. “When you turn the religion into mere words and appearances corruption makes it’s way.”
      3. “People who make their religion look ugly due to their bad conduct and ignorance cause half of the disbelief in the world.”
    15. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes about patience

      1. “The reward of patience in the form of misfortune is more then what was lost.”
    16. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes about tongue

      1. “Make every possible effort to guard your tongue since it is the strongest cause of your destruction.”
      2. “Human is such a creature that loves to blame external without knowing that the problem is usually internal.”
    17. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes on success

      1. “The way to the heaven is like an uphill while that of the hell is downhill. Therefore, there is a struggle in achieving paradise and not in gaining hell.”
      2. “The greatest obstacle between you and your lord is yourself.”
      3. “The actual greatness of a man lies in his eternal progression.”
      4. “Without perfecting your beginning, there is no way to reach the end.”
    18. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes on thankfulness

      1. “Understand that thankfulness is of the highest stations. It is higher than fear, patience and detachment from the world.”
    19. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes on friday

      1. “Only the believer is blessed with the friday’s blessings and benefits who waits for it eagerly and anxiously. And the negligent who is least bothered about it and does not even know which day it is remains devoid from it’s benefits.”
    20. Hazrat Imam Ghazali quotes on advice

      1. “Giving advice is very easy, but accepting it is difficult since it is bitter in taste.”
  2. Imam Ghazali Quotes in Urdu

    Imam Ghazali ke aqwal bohat hi mashoor hain. In aqwal ko padhkar hum nasihat hasil karsakte hain. Chand aqwal yeh hain:

    1. “Kisi ki pehchan Ilm se nahi hoti balke adab se hoti hai kyunkeh Ilm toh Iblees ke paas bhi tha lekin woh adab se mehroom tha.” ~ Imam Ghazali
    2. “Sab insan murda hain, zinda woh hain jo ilm wale hain. Sab Ilm wale soye huwe hain bedar woh hain jo amal wale hain. Tamam amal wale ghaate mein hain, faide mein woh hain jo ikhlas wale hain. Sab ikhlas wale khatre mein hain, kamyab woh hain jo takabbur se paak hain.” ~ Imam Ghazali
    3. “Haqeeqat tak pohunch hi sacha ilm hai. Wahi ka ilm jo ALLAH apne paighambaron tak pohunchata tha sacha ilm hai.” ~ Imam Ghazali
    4. “Nafs woh kutta hai jo insan ko galat kaam karne ke liye us waqt tak bhonkta rehta hai jab tak woh galat kaam na karle. Aur jab insan woh kaam karleta hai tab yeh kutta sojata hai lekin sone se pehle zameer ko jaga jata hai.” ~ Imam Ghazali
    5. “Imam Ghazali se kisi ne pucha, “Jo shaks namaz na padhe uska kya hukum hai? Farmaya use apne saath namaz padhne lejao. Logon ke madadgar bano, inpar fatwa na lagao.” ~ Imam Ghazali
    6. “Be-shak gunah karne se dil kala hojata hai. Aur dil ki siyahi ki alamat aur pehchan yeh hai keh gunahon se ghabrahat nahi hoti, itaa’t ki saa’dat hasil nahi hoti aur naseehat asar nahi karti.” ~ Imam Ghazali
    7. “Agar rizq aqal wa danish se milta toh janwar aur bewakoof bhooke marjate.” ~ Imam Ghazali
    8. “Apne muamlat se hoshiyar rehna aur chaukanna rehna aur sonch samajhkar kaam karna sa’adat ki kunji hai.” ~ Imam Ghazali
    9. “Agar tu 100 saal padhle 1000 kitabein jama karlein toh tu ALLAH ki rehmat ka mustahiq nahi hosakta yah tak keh tu uspar amal karle.” ~ Imam Ghazali
    10. “Kauf e khuda ek aisa chiragh hai jisme neki aur badi saaf nazar aate hain.” ~ Imam Ghazali
  3. Imam Ghazali quotes in arabic

    1. إن قليل العمل ينفع مع العلم بالله”“و إن كثير العمل لا ينفع مع الجهل بالله
    2.  فكذا لو قرأ رجل مائة ألف مسألة علمية و تعلمها و لم يعمل بها لا تفيده إلا بالعمل
    3. أيها الولد العلم بلا عمل جنون والعمل بغير علم لا يكون
    4. و ما نفعنا إلا ركيعات ركعناها في جوف الليل
    5. أعلم أن الطاعة و العبادة متابعة الشارع في الأوامر و النواهي بالقول و الفعل
    6. حاسبوا أنفسكم قبل أن تحاسبوا وزنوا أعمالكم قبل أن توزنوا
    7. إني نظرت الى الخلق فرأيت لكل منهم محبوبا ومعشوقا يحبه ويعشقه، وبعض ذلك المحبوب يصاحبه إلى مرض الموت وبعضه يصاحبه إلى شفير القبر، ثم يرجع كله، ويتركه فريداً وحيداً، ولا يدخل معه في قبره منهم أحد فتفكرت وقلت: أفضل محبوب المرء ما يدخل معه في قبره، ويؤنسه فيه، فما وجدته غير الأعمال الصالحة، فأخذتها محبوبة لي؛ لتكون لي سراجاً في قبري، وتؤنسني فيه، ولا تتركني فريداً

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