Seeing Water In Dream Is Good or Bad?

  1. Seeing Water in Dream in Islam

    All praise belongs to Almighty ALLAH, Peace and Blessings be upon the beloved Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)

    وَجَعَلْنَا مِنَ الْمَاءِ كُلَّ شَيْءٍ حَيٍّ  We made every living thing from water.  # Chapter Al Anbiya Verse 30

    Respected Jafar Sadiq (May ALLAH be pleased with) says, the interpretation of going into the water in a dream explains five reasons.

    1. Faith
    2. Strength
    3. Hard work
    4. Togetherness
    5. Some work from a noble city
  2. Seeing dream about floating on water

    Respected Ibn e Sireen (May ALLAH be pleased with) said: If someone sees that he is floating on the surface of the water like the water of sea or ocean, it is the symbol of his pure belief and strengthening faith.

  3. Dream about drinking pure water

    If he drank pure and clean water, then he will live a long and happy life.

  4. Muddy Water dream meaning

    And if he drank muddy water, its interpretation is against the previous. His life will be short and may get effected with disease.

  5. Drinking water from river

    If he sees that he drank clean water from the river, then he will become a king of the entire nation. Few say that equivalent to the amount of the water drank, he will become respectable, gain wealth and bounties if it is pure. And if it is muddy, it will cause grief, hardship, fear, and panic.

  6. Drinking hot water in dream

    Respected Ibrahim Kirmani (May ALLAH be pleased with) says, if he drinks hot water, it is an evidence of illness and grief. And if he sees that hot water is poured upon him and he is unaware, it means he will become sick and fall into severe grief. And if he sees that he fell in the water, then it is evidence that he will get arrested into sadness.

  7. Seeing water in a cup

    And if the water is raised in a cup, then he will gain wealth.

    And if he gives water to his woman in a cup of glass, the cup of glass refers to the woman’s essence and water in the cup refers to the child that is in the mother’s womb.

    If the mug is broken, the wife will die and the child will remain alive. If the water fells and the mug is empty then the child will die and the woman will be saved.

    And if he sees that he drinks the clean water from a cup like a dog, then he will lead a luxurious life. But he will do something that he will fall into corruption and spend money on people in little little amounts.

  8. Giving water to people in dream

    And if he sees that he gives water to the people unnecessarily, then the people will benefit from him in the world and the Hereafter. He will make people settle in a deserted place.

  9. Dream about water inside the house

    And if he sees in the dream that he enters the house in which water was poured, then he will become nervous and sad.

  10. Dream about water overflowing

    Respected Jabir Maghrabi (May ALLAH be pleased with) said, if he sees that water increases with time, it is an evidence that he will get abundant blessings this year. And if he sees water and it gets absorbed in the earth, then the common people will get security and safety.

    And if he sees that the water is raised above the head of people then there will be an increase in blessings this year.

    And if he sees that there is clean water in the house, then he will get happiness and blessings. If he sees that he is standing on muddy water then its interpretation is against the previous.

  11. Watering garden in dream

    Hazrat Danial (Peace be upon) said, watering gardens or fields from a sea or river is an evidence of getting rid of griefs and gaining wealth. And giving water to people is the proof of religiousness, honesty and good deeds.

  12. Dream about going into water

    If he goes into the water and his body is strong at that moment, then the evidence is that the ruler will engage him in some hard work. And his opinion will be accepted in this work and in other works.

    And if he goes into clean water and his body is covered then it is a symbol of the power of his religion, trust in Almighty ALLAH and endurance.

  13. Water going into a garden in dream

    If he sees that water goes into a garden then it is an evidence of getting a woman. And if he sees water falling on himself, then he will cause benefit.

  14. Seeing dirty water in dream

    If he sees that dirty water is poured on, then some harm may befall him.

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