Dua for Love Marriage

  1. What is Dua for love marriage?

    Love Marriage is the marriage that occurs when two individuals like each other and choose to marry irrespective of the consent of others. The trend of love marriages is increasing with modernization. Especially college and university students fall in love with their classmates or relatives. In Islam, there cannot be any physical love relation between a man and a woman without marriage. If you like someone the only legal thing to fulfill your love is through marriage. Dua for love marriage is nothing but a supplication done to get married to the desired person.

  2. Why Dua for love marriage?

    We have seen a lot of teenagers and even older individuals struck in love problems. Young people try to spend their life like heaven. They do not bother about permissible and impermissible acts in Islam. In order to help such youth to fulfill their desire in a legal way, the dua for love marriage is being published.

  3. What Dua for love marriage does?

    It makes you remember your Lord, Almighty ALLAH and invoke supplication to him for fulfilling your need. It enables you to purify your heart and stay protected from sins and accomplish your wantings within the limits of Islam.

  4. Who can do the Dua for love marriage?

    Any girl or a boy who is struggling with love marriage tensions and worries can perform it. Remember that there cannot be any marriage between a muslim and a non-muslim. So avoid making prohibited duas. You can make dua for marriage with a Muslim and send your proposal through your family member to his/her house.

  5. Any side effects of Dua for love marriage?

    There are no bad effects if you do with a correct intention on a right person without involving in sins before marriage. It does not have any black magical effects in it since it is 100 percent Islamic wazifa.

  6. How to make dua for love marriage?

    1. Ablution: 
      Perform fresh ablution (Wudu).
    2. Prepare for the wazifa: 
      Lay the prayer mat and sit facing towards the Holy Kaaba in Salah position.
    3. Durud:
      Start the spiritual practice with the recitation of Durood e Shareef 11 times.
    4. Repeat “Surah Fatiha”:
      Recite Surah Fatiha 7 times.
    5. Recite the Surah Taghabun:
      Then recite the Surah Taghabun 215 times.
    6. Visualization:
      Keep the visualization of your need while recitation.
    7. Blowing:
      Write the Surah on a white paper. Blow on it. Seal it and tie it in your neck.
    8. Pray for love marriage
      Make dua to ALLAH for love marriage solution.
    9. Become a practitioner 
      Continue it for at least 11 consecutive days. You may extend it to 110 days or 210 days to become an effective spiritual therapist.
  7. Top Duas for love marriage

    1. Dua for love marriage soon

      Marriage is a very precious decision of one’s life. One should choose a right partner for himself. The most important quality that you should look for in a partner before marrying is his sincerity in religiousness. To implement dua for love marriage soon recite Ayat e Karima 1,00,000 times along with durood before and after and pray to ALLAH. You may take help of your friends and relatives to complete it.

      لاَّ إِلَـهَ إِلاَّ أَنتَ سُبْحَـنَكَ إِنِّى كُنتُ مِنَ الظَّـلِمِينَ
      Laa ilaha illa a’nta Subh’anaka inni kuntu MinaZ-Zalimeen.

    2. Dua for love marriage from Quran

      Surah Kahaf is the 18th chapter in the Holy Quran with 118 verses. It is about the young believers who took ALLAH’s refuge in a cave with their dog when people tortured them due to their belief. If you want to marry someone to protect your faith, recite this chapter 3 times everyday and make supplication to ALLAH.

    3. Dua for love marriage acceptance

      Denial and rejection are common in love marriages. If you wish to convince someone to accept your marriage proposal perform this practice. Recite Surah Yaseen 7 times. Enchant Ya ALLAHU, Ya RAHEEMU, Ya FATTAH’U 1111 times. Pray to ALLAH for your need.

    4. Dua for love marriage to agree parents

      When parents disagree with your choice, it might be very disappointing for you. You might become angry over them. But this will not help you. You need to handle the situation with patience. If they reject keep quiet for few years and keep performing the wazifa. Recite “YA MUGHNI” “YA ALLAHU” “YA FATTAHU” 1111 times along with durood in the beginning and end. Make dua. Blow it on eatables and serve them.

    5. Dua for love marriage in English

      “ALLAH is the dominant and self-sufficient.” This is the dua that you can recite in English. Repeat it for 3333 times along with Durood. Make supplication to ALLAH for love marriage.

    6. Effective Dua for love marriage

      Love marriages are taking their peak. Mostly, social media has fueled it in people all across the world. People start love with seeing the profiles of each other and end in adultery and break ups. All this happens because of staying unaware of lawful and unlawful things. If you feel that you are in love with someone, you may take help of this dua to solve your problems. Surah Quraish is a chapter in the Holy Quran with 4 verses. Recite it 313 times and make dua for success in your love marriage.

    7. Easy Dua for love marriage

      Few people get success in their love marriage while many fail. Those who fail try to take awkward steps to satisfy their desire. It is not advisable to become impatient in this matter. An easy dua for love marriage is to recite BISMILLAH. Repeat it 9000 times. Make supplication to ALLAH for the marriage of your choice.

    8. Muslim Dua for love marriage

      Muslims rely on dua for every kind of their need whether a small or big one. We should never be lazy to beg before Almighty ALLAH. By praising ALLAH we do not do a favor on him, instead, we benefit ourselves with the act of remembering and praying. If you are having some kind of barriers in your marriage, recite Surah Duha 41 times and make supplication to Almighty ALLAH.

    9. Most Powerful Dua for love marriage

      The powerful name of ALLAH, “Ya Zul Jalali Wal Ikram” is highly influential in getting you married to the best-desired partner. Invoke it 3313 times. And make supplication for the fulfillment of your need.

    10. Rohani Dua for love marriage

      Surah Rahman is a well-known chapter from the Holy Quran. Its benefits are many. It will help you marry a pious partner. Recite it 3 times daily and pray.

    11. Ya ALLAH Dua for love marriage

      If you think that you have selected a compatible partner for your life, and want to get married then this is another best spiritual practice for you. Recite the name “ALLAH” 7000 times and pray for love marriage success.

    12. Istikhara Dua for love marriage

      To do the Istikhara for marriage, first perform Isha Salah. Offer 2 rakats unobligatory prayer (nafil salah). Then recite the dua e Istikhara 7 times. Keep your intention in mind while reading the dua. Go to sleep without speaking to anyone. Perform this practice for 7 consecutive days.

    13. Islamic Dua for love marriage

      Almighty Allah has appointed good men for good women and good women for good men. If you think someone is a good fit for you then recite ALLAHU SAMAD 3000 times and make supplication to ALLAH.

    14. Dua for Love Marriage in Hindi/Urdu

      Pasand ki shadiya urooj par horahi hai. Galiban social media Ishq e Majazi phailane mein indhan ka kaam kar raha hai. Aur log halal wa haram ke na-waqifiyat ke bina par Ishq e Majazi mein aage badhte jate hain. Ladka ladkiyon mein mohabbat ek dosre ki tasweerein daikhne se shuru hokar zina jaisi badkari par khatam hoti hai. Jiske baad kayi ladkiyan apni shadi ko lekar pareshan rehti hain. Agar apke dil mein kisi ke liye mohabbat paida horahi hai toh iske hal ke liye pasand ki shadi ka wazifa karein aur nikah karlein. Musalman apne har qisam ki choti badi zaruriyat ke liye dua par aitmaad karte hain.

      Pasand ki shadi ke liye wazifa aur dua ka tareeqa darj zeel hai:

      1. Pehle Taza Wudu banalein.
      2. 11 martaba Durud padhein.
      3. Surah Fatiha 7 martaba padhein.
      4. Surah Taghabun 215 martaba padhein.
      5. Apne maqsad ka tassawwur karte huwe ALLAH taala se dua karein.
      6. Ek safed kaghaz par Surat likhein. Jo kuch padha hai, usko ispar dum karein.
      7. Iski taweez banakar gale mein bandh lein.
  8. Related Dua for Love Marriage

  9. Concluding Dua for Love Marriage

    All the wazaif and dua for love marriage are free to use. Anyone could recite it with the right intention. It does not matter even if you are a beginner. By practicing on it regularly you too can become a spiritual expert. The condition is you should stay away from sins. Be punctual with your 5 obligatory prayers and other compulsory deeds of Islam. Take care of cleanliness and correct Arabic pronunciation during the recitation. Perform it with full dedication and faith in Almighty ALLAH that he will grant you your need.

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