Dua for Marriage Proposal

  1. What is dua for Marriage proposal?

    Marriage proposal is a proposal in which a person asks for another person’s hand in marriage. When the person acknowledges, it gets bound into the promise of marriage in the form of engagement. In western culture, man kneels down before a woman and proposes her directly for marriage. This is not a proper way of asking for a proposal. A Muslim man should send his proposal to the maintainers of the girl. If you are not getting any suitable proposal, you can make dua for marriage proposal soon. Dua is nothing but requesting Almighty ALLAH to help you get a proposal fast.

    Wazifa for Marriage Proposal

    Firstly, you recite some verses of the Holy Quran or praising words of ALLAH. You repeat it for several times to gain spiritual power. Then, you make dua for your need. In this post, we have explained 20 different methods of performing wazifa and making dua for marriage proposal. Select according to your requirement and proceed with it.

  2. Why Dua for marriage Proposal?

    So that you may not stay alone grieving for marriage. You may get married to a compatible partner soon and lead a happy and peaceful life. So that you may reduce the chances of some of the diseases like depression, heart diseases, etc,.

  3. What Dua for marriage proposal does?

    It makes you ready for marriage. Removes the hurdles and obstacles present in your marriage. It removes evil eye effects if any are preventing you from getting married. Finally brings you a good proposal soon.

  4. Who can do the Dua for marriage Proposal?

    Any girl or a boy who wants to get married can do it. Those who are getting older and not receiving any suitable proposal or receiving proposals but getting rejected can perform it.

  5. Any side effects of Dua for marriage Proposal?

    There are no bad effects of it if you recite the Arabic verses with the correct pronunciation. Correct recitation is important because Arabic words if read wrong gets changed in their meanings. If you invoke wrong phrases with bad meanings knowingly it might cause you harm.

  6. How to do Dua for Marriage Proposal?

    The step by step method to perform the dua for marriage proposal is as follows:

      1. Ablution: 
        Perform fresh ablution (Wudu).
      2. Prepare for the wazifa: 
        Lay the prayer mat and sit facing towards the Holy Kaaba.
      3. Durud:
        Start the practice with the recitation of Durood e Shareef 11 times.
      4. Recite Surah Tariq:
        Then recite the Surah Tariq 5 times daily.
      5. Visualization:
        Keep the visualization of your need during recitation.
      6. Pray for Marriage Proposal 
        Make dua to ALLAH for a proposal soon.
      7. Maintain to become a practitioner
        Continue it for at least 11 consecutive days. You may extend it to 110 days or 210 days to become an effective spiritual therapist.
  7. Top Duas for marriage proposal

    1. Wazifa for marriage proposal

      It might sometimes seem quite difficult to get a marriage proposal. Inspite of trying hard if you are not getting success in a marriage proposal, it is now the time to perform the wazifa to get a proposal soon. Recite the Surah Rahman 11 times daily for 41 consecutive days.

    2. Dua for marriage proposal acceptance

      It is quite painful when someone rejects you. The people in society reject due to various reasons. They keep their eyes on the number of defects present in you. But they do not pay attention towards your righteousness. Everyone is not like that either. If you think that the proposal is a good fit for you and want all the family members to give their approval, then carry out this wazifa and dua. Enchant “Ya H’ayyu Ya Qayyumu Bi R’ahmatika Astagheeth” 700 times and pray for your need.

    3. Dua for marriage proposal in Islam

      Everyone is aware of the Importance of marriage in Islam. At times girls and boys find it very difficult to get married. Many girls become nervous when they get rejected multiple times. Know that everything happens at the right time. Whatever is the end result will be the best for you. Recite Surah Ahzab 3 times daily and pray.

    4. Dua for marriage proposal soon

      I have seen many women who have passes their age over 30 and not yet married. They complain that ALLAH does not love them because he is not helping them out. This kind of thinking should be avoided. If there is a delay in your marriage, have a faith that ALLAH knows better than you what is best for you. Instead of complaining seek forgiveness from him. Invoke the name of ALLAH, “Ya Mu’ati” 5000 times and pray for proposal.

    5. Dua for marriage proposal from Quran

      The Holy Quran has solution to many problems. It is a healing to it’s believers. Specific verses can be recited to fulfil particular needs. To get a marriage proposal one could carry out the Surah Fatiha wazifa. Repeat it 500 times and make dua.

    6. Dua for marriage proposal in English

      We have Muslims in western region as well who wish to read duas in english. For them this english dua is recommended. Say ” ALLAH is the merciful provider ” 1111 times.

    7. Dua for marriage proposal in Urdu

      Baaz auqat mard o khwateen ko rishte ki talash mein mushkilat ka samna karna padta hai. Bohat koshish ke bawajud acha rishta nahi milpata. Shadi ka jo waqt muqarrar hai us waqt par woh hokar rehti hai. Dua karne se apke nikah mein asaniyan paida hoti hain. Munasib rishta milne ke liye Awwal wa aakhir Durood e shareef ke sath, Surah Ikhlas aur Surah Kausar 41 martaba padhein. Aur dua karein. Is amal ko 90 dino tak karein. In Sha ALLAH acha rishta miljayega.

    8. Dua for marriage proposal in one day

      One day dua for marriage proposal is for those who do not wish to perform the wazifa for long duration. This spiritual practice is of just one day. Recite Ayat e Kareema 10,000 times and make dua for your need.

    9. Wazifa for quick marriage proposal

      I can feel the pain of those who are getting older in the path of looking a partner. Some people find it really very hard to establish themselves so that they will be in a situation of marrying. For them this wazifa for quick proposal is helpful. Recite “Ya Musabbibal Asbaab” 7000 times and make supplication to Almighty ALLAH.

    10. Best Dua for marriage proposal

      Marriage cannot be done all alone. It needs the support of your parents as well. It is best if you take your parents in your love so that they might get you a best partner of your choice. Recite Surah Yaseen 7 times and make supplication daily.

    11. Islamic Dua for marriage proposal

      Performing Islamic wazifa and making dua for marriage is completely legitimate. And it does not charge you any fee in return. Therefore, you should make dua frequently especially during the times when it is accepted faster. Making dua after every 5 obligatory prayers, After the Azan and Tahajjud prayers.

    12. Strong wazifa for marriage proposal

      Everyone wishes to have a decent, loving life partner. Many girls and boys inspite of possessing good qualities and being talented do not get the expected proposal. However, this wazifa will help you meet your goal easily. Recite the dua “Sahlam Bi FaDlika Ya A’zeez” 2100 times with the imagination of your marriage.

    13. Dua for good marriage proposal for daughter

      For parents, it is a great desire to see their daughter’s marriage. As they grow old they become more restless thinking of their daughter’s future. If you are a Father or a Mother worried about marriage of your daughter, than perform this wazifa and dua for marriage proposal of a daughter. Recite the verse number 132 and 133 of Surah Taha 111 times. Write the verses with saffron on a white paper and tie it on the arm or neck of your daughter.

    14. Short Wazifa & dua for marriage proposal

      You become helpless in our society if you do not get any marriage proposal. No one likes to be your close friend. Your friends and relatives live you alone after a point of time in your life. To fight with this situation you can implement the wazifa and dua for marriage proposal. Recite Al-Lateefu Al-Majeedu 1111 times and make supplication.

    15. Wazifa for marriage proposal for girl

      I have read stories of few young girls who were cheated by their boyfriends who promised to marry and committed fornication. After which the boy turned his back from his words. It is a very depressing situation for the girl to face because she cannot marry another boy. If such is the condition she should perform this wazifa for love marriage proposal to get her marriage fixed with that boy. Recite Surah Maryam 3 times and pray.

    16. Dua for getting good marriage proposal

      A good marriage proposal can make your life and hereafter comfortable. You must look for a pious, truthful partner who fears and loves ALLAH sincerely. Always make dua for it so that you may find easiness in getting your life partner. Recite the powerful name of ALLAH, “Ya Mughni” 5000 times and pray to ALLAH.

    17. Dua for marriage proposal for boy

      Boys too sometimes find it very difficult to get married. With the increasing age and no proposal puts them in trouble. This dua for marriage proposal is helpful for such boys who want to get married fast. Recite Surah Ad-Duha 5 times and pray for your marriage.

    18. Effective wazifa & dua for marriage proposal

      Whether you are a boy or a girl, if you are not married the society does not give you any respect. Even from Islamic point of view it is recommended that you marry. You can choose a partner if you know some better person among your friends or relatives. If not you could tell your parents to look for a person according to your requirements. Recite the Surah Mumtahina from the Holy Quran 3 times daily.

  8. Related Duas for Marriage Proposal

  9. Concluding Dua for Marriage Proposal

    All the wazaif and dua for marriage proposal are free to use. Anyone could recite it with the right intention. It does not matter even if you are a beginner. By practicing on it regularly you too can become a spiritual expert. The condition is you should stay away from sins. Punctual with your 5 obligatory prayers and other compulsory deeds of Islam. Take care of cleanliness and correct Arabic pronunciation during the recitation. Perform it with full dedication and faith in Almighty ALLAH that he will grant you.

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