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Passive Income Ideas 2019

  1. What is passive income?

    Many of you must already be aware of what passive income is? It is a type of income which keeps paying you even after the termination of your active involvement. It requires your initial funding and effort. And this initial boost creates a kind of money machine that brings you money with time with the minimal amount of your participation.

  2. Passive Income Definition & Meaning

    Active income pays you only what you put in. It will stop paying you once you stop putting your efforts and time. In this you cannot earn unlimited wealth. On the other hand with passive income you continue to earn without a limit after you did the best work once. It means you can increase the income streams without your participation further. In this way the wealth could be increased more then the active income.

  3. Uses of passive income

    1. Passive income method requires little or no on-going effort after you standardize your business once.
    2. It does not involve direct exchange of your time and skills as it happens in one’s regular job.
    3. It helps you to generate money even while sleeping thereby providing you extra time for you to perform additional tasks and increase your earnings.
    4. Gives you freedom of working according to your convenience
    5. You can find many sources to increase the income.
    6. No limit on the earnings.
    7. Preserves residual income for you after you become old.
  4. Which passive income ideas should you avoid?

    The passive income investments which promise you a get rich overnight strategy are spammy methods which you should avoid. There are are many spammers on the internet who promise you instant get rich schemes. They use different tactics to fool people and rob their money. So you should investigate carefully before investing.

  5. 52 Passive income ideas

  1. Passive idea 1 – Affiliate Marketing

    By name, it seems an active form of income because you need to advertise and sell products or services. But there are sites that enable you to earn passive income by marketing their products on your related websites and blogs. With this, when your visitor purchases some product or service from them, they offer a small percentage of commission to you in return.

    Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular form of passive income on the internet. And it is free to join. All you have to do is register at the site that offers products related to your website niche and market them on your blog website or social media.

    Build up great amount of traffic and choose the best suitable product to sell. Do not sell bad stuff. Once you build up your traffic, lots of people will make purchases from your affiliate products and make you earn income every month. More the number of sales, more the amount you earn.

    If you want to work with beauty related cosmetics products, I can provide you best cosmetics from a branded company Sweden. All you need to do to become a member and start earning in 3 easy ways is, send your

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  2. Passive idea 2 – Youtuber

    Youtube videos can also get you passive income just like website does. If you are not best at creating website and bored of writing lenghty articles, you may create youtube videos. You need to create useful videos that help the users and satisfy them. By creating your videos, uploading to youtube and through search engine optimization you can attract lots of traffic to your channel. When more people start visiting your videos, you may integrate affiliate products on your videos through monetization. They pay you based on the number of clicks by visitors and per 1000 impressions. Google adsense is one of the main source of income for youtubers.

  3. Passive idea 3 – Web developer

    Web developers work on the front end and back end appearance of website. They deal with the efficient coding implementation. If you are a web developer, as a side income you may develop optimized website and rent it for passive income or sell it. Another way is to create your web developer course and sell on websites like udemy to earn passive income. You could also create templates and extensions and earn from these.

  4. Passive idea 4 – Mobile developer

    Mobile developer will be able to create mobile applications and monetize them to get passive income. Everyone who uses smartphone cannot survive without apps in this era. If you could come up with unique idea and talent to benefit society through app then you may earn thousands of dollars through it. Create a good looking easy to use, attention grabing and useful app to get your app downloaded by people.

  5. Passive idea 5 – Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization is also a medium to passive earning. Without proper SEO all the efforts you make on your website, app or youtube will be of no use. Follow the rules of the search engine and optimize your services. Do not use black hat form of SEO, since it will not help you in ranking. Focus on producing quality stuff.

  6. Passive idea 6 – Article Writing

    There are many websites that allow you to earn passive income through your articles. You may select the category of your choice and write high quality content. The website will pay you some percentage of ads earnings that is generated through your article.Examples of such websites are Hubpage, and Infobarrel. Registration is free at both the sites. Hubpage offers 60 % of the adsense revenue, it allows you to activate amazon ads and hubpage ads. It also pays 10 % of the page views. You can even add backlinks to your site.

    Since these sites have higher ranking, you need not worry about marketing, just write attention grabing, interesting articles to keep visitors engaged. By writing 90-100 good articles that users search most in google, you may attract lot of traffic and generate revenue in dollars per month.

    This option is easier for those who do not want to create their own website or their website ranking is very low.

  7. Passive idea 7 – Social media marketing

    Through social media marketing, you could improve the visibility of your e-commerce products, website or youtube videos and get benefitted from the traffic that comes to your site.

  8. Passive idea 8 – Renting apartments

    Owning and renting out rental property is a good form of passive revenue source. If you have apartments or can invest in buying them, you could earn a good amount through it by renting it to people. It also falls in the category of being able to earn income without being physically involved.

  9. Passive idea 9 – Online Store

    If you are running your business, you can promote it online on your own store or by selling on websites like amazon. This will provide you with better passive income opportunities.

  10. Passive idea 10 – Free Reports

    If you are good at some topic, you may create a free E-book on it for the people to download and read it.

    Put some effort in creating simple and useful report teaching interesting things to people. You get endless topics to write upon. Inside your E-book link back to related affiliate products

    Now this isn’t just any old free report. This is going to be something that you put your time into. You want to give away tons of value in free report. Here’s what you’ll do. You’re going to write an eBook teaching someone how to do something. Whenever the visitor joins and purchases products from your link, you get paid.

    You may even ask the visitors to share your free reports or create it such that people get tempted to share with their friends. In this way, more book will gain more visibility and visitors.

  11. Passive idea 11 – Franchising

    If you do not want to build your business from scratch, another option you may consider is franchising. In order to set up your small business and implement all the marketing strategies they charge a fee. With this method, you get yourself free from too many responsibilities and you do not need to actively work as a manager.

  12. Passive idea 12 – Renting real estate properties

    Real estate is a lucrative field for business investments. If you have a good amount of money to invest and clear idea about standard regions in your city, you can purchase real estate properties and rent them to the tenants.

    This will make you a stable passive income every month and the rents will also increase over time. Depending on the type of area and the size of your property, you may earn huge profits.

  13. Passive idea 13 – Laundromat business

    Laundromats are still popular since many homes do not have their own washers or cleaners to service their work. Setting up a self washing and drier company is pretty easy and simple to make passive earning each day. Only work you need in this business is to maintain the machines regularly.

  14. Passive idea 14 – Installing ATM machines

    Setting up ATM machines in the location accessible to potential users can help you make a good passive income monthly. All you have to do is buy it from the manufacturing companies and set it. Without your involvement you keep earning every month. Keep the service charges profitable and convenient.

  15. Passive idea 15 – Selling The Pixels Of A Website

    You can rent space on your website by creating pixels. Once a person thought of a unique concept and started selling each pixel of his site at 1$ as advertising space. So there were 1 million pixels created on his homepage in this way he earned 1 million from just one page through pixel renting concept. This is an amazing passive income idea. In order to be successful in this concept, you need to have good visibility of blog so traffic comes in and advertisers buy space on your site.

  16. Passive idea 16 – Advertising on Car

    Many companies pay you for advertising them on your bus, van or car. It is one of the quick and easiest ways to earn passive income without much hard work. Larger advertisements bring more money compared to the smaller one’s. In order to become eligible to it, you need to have driving license and valid insurance.

  17. Passive idea 17 – Podcasting

    As discussed before, writing E-books can earn you money through affiliate link. Another way is through podcasting. Create good podcasts sell it on Itunes. In order to get sales you need to gain good reputation. Once you get that, you will be able to earn lots of money.

  18. Passive idea 18 – Sell Used Stuff on eBay

    Do you have lots of old stuff at your home? You could make money even out of your used stuff which you do not need anymore. There are websites like Olx, Ebay that allow you to sell such things and earn nice commission. People willingly buy even that what you call as junk. This is one of the good ways to earn few bucks.

  19. Passive idea 19 – Create a Script

    If you are a programmer and like coding, make some research and create a stunning useful script. You may then sell this script to as many people as you wish. You can make decent earnings by creating a high quality script which most people search for. You create it just once and work on marketing to start earning.

  20. Passive idea 20 – Sell Audio

    Yes you can make income with audio files as well. The work you need to do in this is record the written text in a clear, presentable voice that pleases listeners. Many businessmen hire audio recording men to take their businesses to next level. Apart from this, you could use your voice to drive traffic to your  own products page and make passive income. You can even sell your high quality copyrighted voice at places like fiverr.

  21. Passive idea 21 – Rent expensive tools, equipment

    Purchase some of the expensive tools or medical equipment and rent them again and again to earn passive income from it.

    You can consider treadmills, driller, printing machines, oxygen concentrator, medical beds, wheel chairs etc.

    Start with one first, and you can buy more if you find it is in-demand among consumers.

  22. Passive idea 22 – Be a silent business partner

    You might have heard horrible stories with regard to investing in restaurant, business, educational institutes or whatever how people suffered loss or the partner deceived.

    But, this is not always the case. Before starting any business of your own, be a silent small investor and partner. Once you are sure that you get cash constantly every year think of investing in your own business.

  23. Passive idea 23 – Designs stuffs (e.g. candles, mugs)

    If you have talent in creativity and designing unique stuffs, then this could be a cool passive income idea for you. Create designs on clothes like shirts, bed sheets, dress materials and sell them online. There are many sites online which help you in submitting your created designs. Create varieties of designs and sell them. You could even consider designing mugs or candles. The overall point is to work on the niche you know well.

  24. Passive idea 24 – Manufacture and trade your own product

    Manufacture your own impressive products in which you have expertise and sell them. Manufacturers usually sell their products in wholesale. This kind of passive income has taken many people to a great height in earning. The amount of profit you may get once you build your reputation is unimaginable.

  25. Passive idea 25 – Buying & Selling Domains

    Buying and selling domains option is also available to help with earnings. Before buying you should conduct thorough research on which name could bring you more profit? Select the domain with high competitive exact match domain that most of the people want to buy. Purchase it at a low price from the auctions site and sell them at a higher price.

  26. Passive idea 26 – Creating themes or plugins

    If you have the knowledge of html, css and javascript coding you may look into building an outstanding theme or plugin. It should have some unique and impressive quality in it so that people may download it. You just create it once and earn from it by selling it to as many people as you want.

  27. Passive idea 27 – Sell Graphics

    If you are a designer, you can think of creating images, vectors and selling vector graphics on fiverr. The demand for graphics is high these days because website owners tend to buy them at a cheap rate on fiverr. All you need to do is design high quality graphics.

  28. Passive idea 28 – Advertising

    Advertising has become one of the main sources of passive income online. People sell space on their website to get commission through ads. Advertising networks pay based on the number of clicks. Your earning potential directly depends on the amount of traffic. Some of the ad payers are Bidvertiser, Blogads, TextLink Ads and Google Adsense. Muslims must take care of advertising legal stuff. Do not advertise that contradicts your islamic values.

  29. Passive idea 29 – Try different

    Make research and collect different ways to earn passive income. Keep trying until you succeed. Try to discover the successful people who have already adopted those methods. Find out the patterns behind their success.

  30. Passive idea 30 – Write your passive income ideas

    Write about all the passive income ideas you know. At first, you will be having a very limited opportunities. As you keep thinking and time passes you get to know more and more passive income opportunities available on the internet.

  31. Passive idea 31 – Think Positive

    When you have decided to start a journey towards earning passive income, you should work everyday and keep a positive thinking that you are already getting income. This thought will make you mentally strong and makes you explore more out of your work.

  32. Passive idea 32 – Website flipping

    If you are good at website maintaining and it’s optimization, you find lots of websites that lack proper characteristics of a successful website. Buy any of such websites at a low price. Improve it and make passive income from it.

  33. Passive idea 33 – Candy Gumball Machines

    Gumball Candy machine is also a good idea of income. Choose an attractive, good looking gumball machine along with a stand so that it is prominent to people. Add candies in it. Select a good location and place your machine there. When someone inserts the candy’s fee, a candy comes out of the machine. It is a good enjoyment for kids.

  34. Passive idea 34 – Monthly Software service

    There are many paid tools which businessmen or website users use in their day to day work. Try to buy such tools and rent the accounts to as many customers as you wish. Some of the popular tools in demand are ahrefs, semrush, long tail keyword pro etc,.

  35. Passive idea 35 – Medianet

    Apart from google, bing offers adverstising fees. If you are getting good traffic, you may register with them. The payment rates are similar to that of Google Adsense.

  36. Passive idea 36 – CPM based ads

    Some advertising networks pay good price just of impressions. Yes, you heard it right, even if no one is clicking on ads the impressions count. Some of the networks that pay per 1000 impressions are Ad-Click-Media, Ad-brite, Adify, BuzzLogic and Casale Media.

  37. Passive idea 37 – Become a mediator

    Get someone to do a job on behalf of you at lower price then you get. For instance, if you charge 1000$ for a particular service get it done by someone at 500$. In this way you will earn a profit of 500$.

  38. Passive idea 38 – Employ manager after establishing your business

    Once your business reaches a level of popularity and prosperity with high income, you may want to take break from your work by appointing a manager by paying him just a small amount from your huge benefits. In this way your income will become passive.

  39. Passive idea 39 – Selling your patents

    If you do not want to invent everything but have some useful ideas for improving the present one and know it’s practical applications, you can register a patent and sell it to earn money. Once you create it, you will have to market yourself to make your patent a productive income. You can wait to see who offers a higher bid to your idea and once you get a good rate you may sell there. Once you have patent to the idea you sold to a company you have the right to get a percentage of earning from each of their sales.

  40. Passive idea 40 – Providing hosting service

    Good Hosting service with affordable price and diverse features is in great demand because number of websites built of CMS is increasing day by day. You may purchase hosting and rent it to many customers by creating a separate C-panel for each.

  41. Passive idea 41 – Sell Useful Lists

    List bakery products like hotcakes online. Make some research and find out what people buy more and create a good list for marketing to generate sales.

    If you get good exposure, you will be able to make decent passive income.

  42. Passive idea 42 – Rent Shopping malls or Function Halls

    Purchase or build your own shopping mall or a function hall in the appropriate location of the city and rent it so that you earn passively without any work.

  43. Passive idea 43 – Gym / Wellness Club

    The business of Gym service is one of the popular form of passive income. Set up a good Gym fitness club and promote yourself. Once you get reputation, hire some professionals to work and manage it on behalf of you. It requires huge investments to set up required machinery and the club.

  44. Passive idea 44 – Avoid following competitors blindly

    If you want to set up your passive source of income stream, you should not blindly do whatever your competitor is doing. Take good ideas from him, add your new ideas and proceed for success. Overall, implement innovative ideas.

  45. Passive idea 45 – Credit card rewards

    Yes, this is true, you can earn rewards with the credit card on whatever you buy with it. Some of the examples of the credit cards that pay you rewards are Fidelity American Express, Chase freedom etc,.

  46. Passive idea 46 – Xerox Machine Shop

    Whether it is college students, or of university or school, everyone depends on xerox machine shop. This business yields you a good amount of money. Select the right place and open your own shop. The work you have in this is only the maintenance of the machine. Once you gain popularity in this business appoint a worker and in this way, you will be earning passively.

  47. Passive idea 47 – Medical Store

    If you have knowledge about medicines and have completed a short course regarding pharmacy, you may go with opening a medical store. Try to select a place near a famous hospital if possible, otherwise choose the location closer to whichever hospital you are able to get your reservation. It might take a few years for your business to get established. Once you gain reputation and cash starts flowing in, you may appoint a worker and relax yourself.

  48. Passive idea 48 – Stocks

    In this instance what you’re looking for are not simply just any old stocks, but stocks that pay dividends.

    You’ll have to talk with a broker to determine what is the best stock option for you personally.

  49. Passive idea 49 – Dividends

    A dividend is a portion of reward earned from the net profit of a company. Profit-sharing is very common in the stock market. When there are multiple investors in a company, the profit is divided according to the owner’s investment. The shareholders get dividend either in the form of cash or stock. If the company is determined to give higher dividends, then there is higher chances of it to continue. It is attractive during the beginning stage of a company. Not all companies are best form of passive income because some of them fail to pay dividends due to large maintenance costs.

  50. Passive idea 50 – Agricultural Equipments

    Agricultural equipments have become of the sources of passive income in towns. During harvest season, farmers need help of milling station to separate the husk from rice. The rice mill owner will earn a certain amount of cash per sack. However, the rice mill is in demand only during the harvesting season. Once it passes off, it is of no use. Some other kinds of equipments like grinders, tractors and dryers can still be of demand during other days.

    In cities costly equipments like construction equipments, vending machines or printing press could be purchased and rented. Renting equipments is considered under passive income because your machine does the work for you and you earn money without your direct involvement.

  51. Passive idea 51 – Land

    Land plays an important role in income generation. Fertile land is useful to people in the growth of crops. In villages, you may rent it to those who want to grow cultivation. Apart from this poultry farmers, dairy farmers also need land for their business, you may rent them and earn a big amount on a monthly basis.

  52. Passive idea 52 – Renting Auto-mobiles (Taxi, Auto)

    This is a popular form of passive income in all cities. Major part of the city’s population depend on transportation vehicles like taxis and auto-rickshaws. You may buy these and rent them to drivers on monthly basis. It is capable of generating a handsome amount without your participation.

Semi Passive Income Ideas

Semi passive income source is the one which brings you money even when you are not actively involved in it but it requires small amount of work. List of Semi-passive income ideas are given below:

  1. Semi-Passive idea 1 = Professional Blogging

    Blogging is one of the source of passive income. Though it requires a huge amount of work in the beginning and needs you to put compelling content regularly. But once you become a trusted source and built your audience, maintaining it further becomes pretty easier.

    The work you would be having after that is just to keeping your content updated maintaining it’s technically and responding to your visitors. Established websites will take only an hour or two hours of your time per day and keeps on bringing huge benefit meanwhile.

    You need to follow some techniques before starting it. Picking the appropriate niche and targeting the right keywords in suitable place can generate lots of traffic. Bearing in mind that you have to write authoritative content that can keep the users engaged on your blog. If you can implement these, then you will have a powerful website with passive income.

  2. Semi-Passive idea 2 = Web designer

    Web designing is a skill that is required in setting up of website. Once you acquire this, you will become eligible to earn passive as well as active form of income. If you work in someone’s company as a web designer on a full time or part time job or a freelancer you earn an active income. Apart from this if you design your own website,  offer services and write great content about your subject you will be able to drive traffic and earn.

  3. Semi-Passive idea 3 = Paid Writing

    If you feel managing blog a boring and hectic task, you could still earn by writing for others in effort to promote their products or services and fix a percentage of yours in their net profit. Helium, and Weblogs are some of the platforms where you could write and earn.

    Another option is to become a copywriter or copy editor. In this work, you are paid to write advertisement content to promote someone’s product. You could even become an author writing for yourselves to earn more passive income.

  4. Semi-Passive idea 4 = Programming consultant

    If you have software programming skills, you can work as an offshore consultant. Many IT companies and businessmen look for these consultants to fix their programming errors. High skilled programmers can make a handsome income without working most of their time. They only work whenever needed, unlike job they do not work the whole day.

Non – Passive Income Ideas

    1. Idea 1: Small tasks

      There are websites that pay you for performing small tasks, downloading and reviewing apps etc,. Some of them are up-work, In-box dollars, app tester sites etc,. You can generate a small amount of money from these tasks.

    2. Idea 2: Build and sell websites

      On platforms like Flippa, websites get sold in dollars. Create a good website and sell it out there.

    3. Idea 3: E-Teaching

      With the increased presence of people on internet usage, opportunities for earning are also rising. The demand for online teachers has grown exponentially. If you have good knowledge, you may help many students in their learning process. If you enjoy teaching then this is the right career for you. By sparing few hours weekly you can earn a decent income. Some of the websites where you can enroll are SmartThinking, TutorVista, E-Tutor etc. Once you gain good experience in teaching and good exposure, opportunities will come in search of you asking for your assistance with courses.

    4. Idea 4: Virtual Assistant

      Virtual assistant is another source of income online. Many business owners look for part time virtual assistants to help them with their administrative work and suggestions. Though you earn money on timely basis, just by working 4-5 hours a day you may earn decent money. Some websites where you can offer your virtual assistant service are upwork, fiverr, Elance etc,.

    5. Idea 6: Freelancing

      Freelancing is another great career option for professionals who are experts in their respective field.

      Freelancers offer proposals about a project to buyers and these buyers would select the most suitable freelancer for that particular job.

      There are a variety of free websites, such as Fiverr and Elance, that assist freelancers to find work of their respective niche.

Passive income sources

Sources of income have different forms. Some popular sources are: dividends,  rent, sales, land, equipment, and money itself.

      1. Income Stock:

        Among many sources of income in the stock market is an “income stock” which is dependent on their good industry environment. For instance, if the IT industry is very attractive, any IT company can be a candidate as a source of passive income. This means that it is better to choose from those companies than to pick a very large company of which the industry has been suffering from economic turmoil. Therefore, a good source of passive income in the stock market is a company from a good industry.

      2. Sales:

        Buy-and-sell business can be some sources of income depending on the items or goods you trade. The bigger the things you trade, the more passive the income becomes. If we trade smaller things, that’s marketing and a good source of active income. But if what we buy and sell are cars, house and lots, stocks, and bonds, they are definitely great sources of passive income.

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