Dua for love of ALLAH

  1. What is Dua for love of ALLAH?

    Dua for love of ALLAH is a special supplication done to seek the love of ALLAH. A very important aim of everyone’s life is to seek the love of ALLAH. Many people spend their wealth and comfort over their lovers blindly. Most of them get deceived and rejected. Then they realize that they have wasted their precious time and efforts behind the undeserving person. They become conscious of the fact that they should have put their efforts in the obedience of Almighty ALLAH. If they had loved ALLAH they would have received much more returns then their efforts by the mercy of ALLAH. You need not be depressed. You still have time. Repent to ALLAH and make dua for love of ALLAH.

    Wazifa for Love of ALLAH

    Almighty ALLAH says in the Holy Quran, “Say O Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), If you love ALLAH, obey me and ALLAH will Love you”. #Aal e Imran.

    It is clear from the above verse that if we want to gain the love of ALLAH, then we should obey his messenger Mohammad (peace be upon him). This is the best wazifa for love of ALLAH. Acting on it regularly will draw you closer to your Lord.

  2. What Dua for love of ALLAH does?

    There are many acts which ALLAH loves. For example, asking forgiveness from him, being patient and sincere to him, doing each and every task to gain his pleasure, staying away from sins, fulfilling all the obligatory deeds etc,. By making dua for love of ALLAH, you ask the Almighty to give you the power to act according to his pleasure. Through constant practice and dua, love of ALLAH grows in your heart.

  3. Benefits of Dua for love of ALLAH

    Dua is a weapon of muslims. You get many benefits by making dua. Some of the blessings that you are given below:

    1. You prepare yourself for the obedience of his beloved messenger Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
    2. When you respect the Prophet, his love as well the love of ALLAH grows in you.
    3. You will realize all your mistakes and sins you committed till now.
    4. You will repent for your bad actions and fear ALLAH from committing sins while you are alone.
  4. How to do the Dua for love of ALLAH?

    Here are few tips on getting closer to Almighty ALLAH.

      1. Quran: Connect yourself with the Holy Quran. Recite it. Read it’s meaning and correct commentary to understand it. Act on its teachings.
      2. Sunnah: Follow the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). This will make you a good Muslim and improve your behavior and ethics.
      3. Repent: Recite “Astaghfirullah” daily in abundance to erase your sins.
      4. Gratitude: Thank ALLAH in abundance by reciting “Alhamdulillah” everyday.
      5. Praise: Praise Almighty ALLAH by repeating “SubhanAllah”.
      6. Names of ALLAH: Find out the meaning of all the 99 names of ALLAH. Recite the names.
      7. Dua: Make dua for love of ALLAH.
  5. Top Duas for Love of ALLAH

    1. Dua for love of ALLAH from hadith

      Few hadith regarding the love of ALLAH in Bukhari and Muslim Shareef:

      وعنه عن النبي، صلى الله عليه وسلم، قال‏:‏ ‏”‏إذا أحب الله العبد نادى جبريل‏:‏ إن الله تعالى يحب فلانًا، فأحببه، فيحبه جبريل، فينادي في أهل السماء‏:‏ إن الله يحب فلانًا، فأحبوه، فيحبه أهل السماء، ثم يوضع له القبول في الأرض‏”‏ ‏(‏‏(‏متفق عليه‏)‏‏

      The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “When Allah loves a slave, calls out the Angel Jibrael and says: ‘I love so-and-so; so love him. Then Jibrael loves him. After that Jibrael announces to the inhabitants of heavens that ALLAH loves so-and-so; so love him, and the inhabitants of the heavens (the angels) also love him and then make people on earth love him”. [Bukhari, Muslim]

      It is narrated by Abu Huraira (May ALLAH be pleased with) that the Messenger of ALLAH said: “I will declare a war against him who shows hostility towards my pious worshipper. And the most beloved things with which my servant keeps coming closer to me is through what I have enjoined on him (obligatory deeds). And my servant keeps coming closer to me through Nawafil (Extra deeds and praying besides obligatory to please ALLAH) till I love him. Then I become his sense of hearing with which he hears, sense of sight with which he sees, his hands with which he holds and his legs with which he walks. And if he asks from me, I will grant him. And if he asks for my protection, I will protect him.” [Bukhari]

      From the above hadith, one could easily infer that to gain the Love of ALLAH, they should become close to ALLAH by performing all the obligatory deeds first. Then they should also perform extra islamic deeds (prayers, fasting, charity, dua etc,.) to achieve love of ALLAH.

    2. Dua for love of ALLAH from Quran

      There are many Quranic verses about love. One short dua is

      وَأَحْسِنُوا إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُحْسِنِينَ

      “Do good, verily ALLAH loves those who do good.”

      Recite it 500 times daily and focus on your everyday tasks. Increase your good deeds and cut off your bad deeds.

    3. Powerful dua for achieving love of ALLAH tala

      Imam Ali says: “If you want to know what is your value near ALLAH, see what is the status of ALLAH near you while you commit a sin.” Here is one of the duas to ask for ALLAH’s love. Recite it 313 times daily.

      اللَّهُمَّ اِنِّىْ اَسْئَلُكَ حُبَّكَ وَ حُبَّ مَنْ يُّحِبُّكَ وحُبَّ عَمَلٍ يُّقَرِّبُ اِلى حُبِّكَ

      Allahumma inni as-aluka h’ubbaka, wa h’ubba man yuh’ibbuka, wa h’ubba kulli ‘amalin yuqarribu ila hubbika.

      O ALLAH! I ask you for your love and the love of those who love you, and for the love of every action which will bring me closer to your love.

    4. Best dua for seeking love of ALLAH

      اللَّهُمَّ اجْعَلْ حُبَّكَ أََحَبَّ الأَشْيَاءِ إِلِىْ ، وَاجْعَلْ خَشْيَتَكَ أَخْوَفَ الأَشْيَاءِ عِنْدِيْ وَاقْطعْ غَنِّي حَاجَاتِ الدُّنْيَا بِالشُّوْقِ إِلى لِقَائِكَ ، وَ إِذضا أَقْرَرْتَ أَغْيُنَ أَهْلِ الدُّنْيَا مِنْ دُنْيَا هُمْ ، فَاقْرِرْ عَيْنِيْ مِنْ عِبَادَتِك

      Allahummaja’l h’ubbaka a-h’abbal ashyaa’i ilayya, waja’l khashyataka akhwafa ashyaa-i ‘indi, waq-ta ‘anni haajaatid-dunya bish shawqi illa liqaa’ika, wa idha aq-rarta ‘a’yunna ahlid-dunya min dunnyahum, faqrir ‘ayyni min ‘ibaadatika.

      O ALLAH! Make your love the most beloved thing to me, and your fear the most fearful thing to me, and remove from me all worldly needs and wants by instilling a passion of meeting you, and when you have given the people of the world the pleasures of their world, make the coolness of my eyes (pleasure) in worshipping you.

      Recite this dua 111 times daily after your fajr prayer.

    5. Dua for love of ALLAH in English

      It is reported by Abu Darda that the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said, One of the supplications of the Prophet Dawood (Peace be upon him) was this:

      O Allah! I ask you for your love, the love of those who love you, and deeds which will cause me to attain your Love. O Allah! Make your love dearer to me than myself, my family and the cold water.” (Allahumma inni as-aluka h’ubbaka, wa h’ubba man yuh’ibbuka, wal-`amalalladhi yuballighuni hubbaka. Allahumm-aj`al h’ubbaka ah’abba ilayya min nafsi, wa ahli, wa minal-maa-il-baaridi)


      If you need an English dua, perform it by reciting the English version of the above-mentioned dua.

    6. Dua for love of ALLAH in urdu

      اللَُّهُمَ ارْزُقْنِىْ حُبَّكَ وَ حُبَّ مَنْ يَّنْفَعَنِىْ حُبُّهُ عِنْدَكَ

      Allahummar-zuqni hubbaka wa hubba man yyan-fa’ani hubbuhu ‘indaka

      O Allah! Grant me Your Love, and the love of that person, whose love would benefit me in Your presence.

    7. YA ALLAH Dua for love of ALLAH

      Recite the effective name, YA ALLAH 3000 times daily and make supplication to ALLAH for his love and the love of those he loves.

    8. Dua when someone says they love you for the sake of ALLAH

      When someone says you that he loves you for the sake of ALLAH, then you should respond to him by reciting this dua:

      أَحَبَّـكَ الّذي أَحْبَبْـتَني لَه

      Ah’abbakal-ladhi Ah’babtanii lah

      “May He for Whose sake you love me, love you.”

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  7. Concluding Dua for love of ALLAH

    All the mentioned tips and duas are highly effective in achieving love of ALLAH. Perform the wazaif with patience and full dedication. Keep your faith in ALLAH and recite all the arabic duas with correct arabic pronunciation, otherwise, it might not be effective.

    If you have any more doubts or problems you may leave a comment or Ask a question Or Email at [email protected]

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