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  1. Yoast SEO Premium

    Yoast SEO Premium Plugin is one of the WordPress plugin developed by Yoast that enables one to do On-page Analysis and SEO. Using this plugin you will be able to add meta title, meta description to your posts, pages, and categories making the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, identify the content on your website and display it in the search results. There are actually two versions in Yoast.  Free and Premium. The features present in the free version and the premium version are given below:


    In this, you will be able to optimize 5 keywords or keyphrases, and 5 synonyms or related keywords.


    Keyword optimization is limited to only 1 Keyword or 1 Keyphrase.


    Adds schema.org data to make the google, Pinterest, and other platforms know what your post or page is about with fast indexing rich results.




    Keeps an eye on your pages with respect to updating the old contents. When you do not update those important pages for more than 6 months, it will warn you.


    In this, you need to check and update manually.


    Adds previews for social media platforms like facebook, and twitter along with Google.


    No previews for social media platforms.


    It analyses the readability of the content. Finds the Flesh score, checks for the number of passive sentences, long difficult sentences, paragraph length, subheading distribution etc




    Offers Breadcrumbs with the option of selecting category or tag as the primary for each post/page on your website.




    Canonical URL setting is available to choose a more important post among duplicate posts.




    You can easily manage robots, htaccess file even if you do not know much about technical configurations. It generates a sitemap for indexing all the URLs




    Give internal linking suggestions to other posts/pages on your website.


    Not Available


    Content Insights feature is present that shows the 5 prominent keyphrases you use most on your webpage.


    Not Available


    Redirect Manager is available to help you easily redirect your old URLs to new ones if necessary to avoid 404 errors.


    Not Available


    There is an option to export focus keywords and SEO scores.


    Not Available


    No ads are displayed.


    You will see ads to their other products.


  2. Is Yoast SEO Premium Worth it?

    The Yoast SEO Premium usually costs 89$ per year. It seems quite a high price for many website owners. If you are a beginner and cannot afford so much, I could offer you a discount of 95% on it and give you in just 4.5$ with free updates. Contact me on my Email Id [email protected] Using Yoast SEO Premium you can make your site’s SEO easy and better. Because of its ease of use, many people use Yoast when compared to any other SEO plugin.

  3. Yoast SEO Premium License Key?

    For upgrading your YOAST SEO Free plugin to a premium version, you usually need to purchase the premium license key which comes along with Yoast SEO Premium. This is one of the well-known methods. Apart from this, if you want to buy Yoast Premium with license key at a very reasonable price of 4.5$ I can provide you. You will receive the original product with exact same files distributed by Yoast.

  4. How to get Yoast SEO Premium for free?

    Yoast SEO Premium is actually not a free plugin. They charge a yearly fee. But one good option I have to offer you is to pay a one time fee of 4.5$ and get free updated versions without any regular payments. It is a GPL licensed plugin that is purchased and downloaded from the original author. All the files are clean and free from virus. It is not like a Yoast SEO premium Crack plugin, where people modify the code. The plugin is sold as it is without any modifications to its coding or files.

  5. How to activate Yoast SEO Premium?

    It is very simple to activate. You need not download additional plugins for its activation. Just download the single file provided to you. Go to your WordPress dashboard. Upload and activate it. And you are good to go. You have access to all the Premium features.

  6. Is Yoast Premium a One time fee?

    The premium plugin provided by Yoast is not a one time fee. But I am offering you a one time fee and that too very small price. Hurry Limited Period Offer.

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