Surah Fatiha Benefits

  1. Surah Fatiha benefits in English

    Surah Fatiha is the first chapter in the Holy Quran. The Quran has a cure for all diseases for its believers. It contains a clear explanation of everything. A great source of guidance and mercy for those who believe. It is narrated by Hazrat A’bdul Malik bin Umair that Surah Fatiha contains cure for all diseases.

  2. Surah Fatiha for beginners

    1. Surah Fatiha for black magic

      Black magic is an evil craft which involves of use of evil power for evil, selfish or legal purposes. Devil spirits are involved in it. It is malicious to both who cast it and upon whom it is casted. If you feel that someone might have cast black magic on you, you may carry out this spiritual wazifa and dua for black magic cure. Recite Surah Fatiha 71 times. Recite the verse number 81 of Surah Younus 111 times. Blow it on water and drink it. Sprinkle on your body as well.

    2. Surah Fatiha for business

      Business is one of the main sources through which people earn for their living. It is a very broad concept which generally involves manufacturing, producing or selling of products. Business is highly recommended in Islam. If you want to start a business or maintain it, perform this to have blessings. Enchant Surah Fatiha 500 times. Blow on an alcohol-free perfume bottle. Spray it in your shop.

    3. Surah Fatiha for baby

      Babies are very delicate. Their heart is like fertile soil till the age of 8 years. Whatever you sow, you get yield. Read Surah Fatiha 21 times everyday and blow on your baby, so that he becomes pious, intelligent, healthy and remain protected. Once your baby begins speaking, teach him the First Kalma, then teach him the Surah Fatiha.

    4. Surah Fatiha for back pain

      Back pain is one of the reasons for your absence from work. It is usually caused due to prolonged work, heavy lifting, old age, weakness, injury, falling from a height or accident. If it lasts for less than a month, it is considered acute otherwise chronic. In some cases, it is cured without any medication just with rest, some cases need tablets and ointments while few other cases require a surgical operation. However, the spiritual treatment to cure the pain is to recite the Surah Fatiha 11 times and recite Ya Salamu 100 times. Blow on the ointment and apply on your back or blow on your hands and rub over the aching region.

    5. Surah Fatiha for conceiving

      Mothers have to bear a lot of pain for conceiving a normal baby. Being too heavy or too thin can cause complications in normal delivery. So, women should take care of their health. Eat healthy food that is rich in vitamins, proteins, calcium, and iron. Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products will help. The prayer which you can implement for safe pregnancy every day is recite the Surah Fatiha 21 times. Recite Ya HafeeZu 1111 times. Blow on your hands and rub them on the abdomen.

    6. Surah Fatiha for child

      Surah Fatiha has cure to all poisons. It is called as the Mother of the Holy Quran. It is necessary to recite it in salah. If your child is naughty, you can make him decent by teaching him this surah and making him recite it regularly so that his mischievous nature get suppressed. It is a special prayer. By reciting it and praying, you will have all your supplications accepted. Enchant it 111 times and pray for your child.

    7. Surah Fatiha for cure

      Surah Fatiha is the curing chapter. If you are suffering from miscellaneous diseases for which doctors have given their answer, the next step you have is to pray to Almighty ALLAH. The surah has the power of making impossible to possible. Recite it 313 times. Make supplication. Blow it on water and drink it.

    8. Surah Fatiha for dead

      You should keep making supplication for your expired relatives and friends in Islam. Whatever you recite, it’s blessings will be reached to you and to your deceased ones as well through your supplications. Invoke Surah Fatiha 7 times, Recite Surah Ikhlas 3 times. Pray to Allah to send its reward to the deceased one, grant them relief and exalt their stage.

    9. Surah Fatiha for diseases

      If you want to remain protected from all kinds of diseases, this chapter is beneficial. Recite it 11 times along with durood 3 times before and after everyday and blow on your body.

    10. Surah Fatiha for depression

      Depression is a mental disorder. It is usually caused due to stress and deep thinking of problems again and again. The person suffering from depression does not find happiness in anything. He usually remains sad and hopeless with his life. To overcome it, recite the Surah Fatiha 111 times. Blow on your head. Keep listening to its recitation in your free time.

    11. Surah Fatiha for health

      Heath is wealth is what we have heard of. Health refers to the absence of bodily or spiritual diseases. A fit body and sound mind are required for efficient working. If health remains upset, you will not be able to perform your day to day activities properly. For having good health implement the Surah Fatiha 91 times every day. Blow on yourself and on eatables.

    12. Surah Fatiha for healing

      During physical or emotional hardships people normally become distressed. It is easy to feel irritated and holeless. But those who believe in Almighty ALLAH should never become hopeless in any life-altering situations. In order to heal your wounds and ease your problems, carry out the Surah Fatiha recitation practice for 313 times. Then enchant “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyumu Bi-Rah’matika Astagheeth” 41 times. Pray for your objective.

    13. Surah Fatiha for hajat

      Painful sensation in the head is known as headache. It is a very common disability.  Though primary headache cause pain but are not dangerous. Secondary headache caused as a result of injury, infection, tumor or disease is dangerous. Spiritual treatment to cure headache and remain protected from chronic head pain is to keep your hand on your head. Recite Bismillah 11 times. Repeat Surah Fatiha 41 times. Blow it on your head. Write it on a peace of paper. Fold and stitch it in your cap that you wear most of the time.

    14. Surah Fatiha for headache

      We have millions of follicles on our head from which hair grow. As we age, some follicles stop producing hair due to which hair thinning occurs. Hair loss occurs due to stress, unhealthy reasons or exposure to sun and dirt as well apart from aging factor. Maintaining a balanced diet and applying oil everyday can give the required strength to your hair. Repeat Surah Fatiha 515 times. Recite “Ya Baa-e’su” 1111 times. Blow it on the oil and use it every night before going to sleep.

    15. Surah Fatiha for hair growth

      Your husband is the man of your dreams, the love of your heart and the partner of your life. What would you do to get your husband love? Sometimes just a nice love quote is enough to get his affection. Finding a perfect husband is quite difficult. So make him realize that he is a special person for you. Tell him that you are incomplete without him. Recite Surah Fatiha 11 times after every salah and pray for your husband love.

    16. Surah Fatiha for husband love

      Your husband is the man of your dreams, the love of your heart and the partner of your life. What would you do to get your husband love? Sometimes just a nice love quote is enough to get his affection. Finding a perfect husband is quite difficult. So make him realize that he is a special person for you. Tell him that you are incomplete without him. Enchant Surah Fatiha 11 times after every salah and pray for your husband love.

    17. Surah Fatiha for illness

      Many people get confused with the terms disease and illness. They usually think it is the same but there is a difference between both. Disease refers to the infliction of an organ or entire body due to harmful micro-organisms, chemical imbalances, injury or toxins. Whereas illness is the response of the body to the disease. It includes fatigue, fever, headache, body pain, changes in blood pressure, heart rate etc,. To heal your illness quickly invoke Surah Fatiha 215 times along with durood 3 times. Blow it on water or medicines if you are consuming and drink it.

    18. Surah Fatiha for job

      It seems very troublesome situation when a well-qualified candidate does not have any job. After completing a university education, the next aim of the person is to get a good job as soon as possible. If you have all the skills to apply for a job, then you should apply at a good company or you may start your own business if you are familiar with business knowledge. Prayer will help you in meeting your objectives easily. Recite Surah Fatiha 313 times. Enchant “Ya RazzaQu” 313 times and make supplication for your job.

    19. Surah Fatiha for kids

      If you have some wish related to your kids or want to teach them the Surah Fatiha, recite it loudly in front of them for at least 21 times. Keep repeating this practice several times a day. When the kid hears from you again and again, he tries to grasp it, store it in his memory and repeat the same. Small kids are very good at imitating people. If you practice good deeds in front of them, they too will do the same with you.

    20. Surah Fatiha for love

      Love lasts when partners remain connected to each other in a positive way. All the wounds get healed when you praise and love your soulmate and get the same back from him. Sometimes anger and misunderstandings kill the love in the relationship. To regenerate the love again, say Surah Fatiha 21 times. Enchant “Ya Wadudu” 900 times. Pray for love between you and your partner.

    21. Surah Fatiha for love marriage

      Love marriage is the dream of many girls and boys. The trend of love marriages is increasing day by day. Marrying your loved one is not bad but adopting bad practices is not good. If you like someone and want easiness in your marriage, then rehearse Surah Fatiha 111 times. Enchant “Ya Musabbibal Asbaab” 700 times. Make supplication for your marriage.

    22. Surah Fatiha for learning

      Memory is the vital property of the brain. It is where all the information is stored. For learning and retaining it, one should have a good memory. In order to improve memory, one should eat healthy foods, wake up early in the morning, offer Fajr Salah, carry out Surah Fatiha 41 times. Blow on your head. Then start gaining useful knowledge. This will help you in achieving your goals

    23. Surah Fatiha for weight loss

      Overweight and obesity causes many health problems. It usually invites diseases like Diabetes, Tumours, and Heart diseases. During pregnancy excessive weight can cause problems to both the mother and child’s health. In order to decrease your weight fasting is the best method. Along with this, you may repeat Surah Fatiha 11 times, Surah R’aad 11 times. Blow on water and drink it.

    24. Surah Fatiha for money

      Regardless of whatever issues we face in life, whether it is a relationship, or financial we should first find out the source which is causing it. Then we will be able to solve it very soon. If you are having a lack of money, find out where all you are spending extra unnecessary money. Cut off your expenses. Learn about good ways of earning money. Work and get sufficient money. You should not forget praying either. Invoke Surah Fatiha 111 times and make supplication.

    25. Surah Fatiha for problems

      In simple terms, a problem is defined as a perceived gap between the present state and the desired state. Although many problems have a solution, few difficulties seem quite complicated to deal with. In order to solve all your problems quickly and make troubles easier recite Surah Fatiha 313 times and make supplication.

    26. Surah Fatiha for pregnancy

      Pregnancy is the happiest moment for a married woman. But it is not that easy, the mother will have to undergo a lot of pain. One should keep praying her normal delivery every day. She should enhant Surah Fatiha 99 times. Pray to ALLAH. Blow on her abdomen.

    27. Surah Fatiha for pain relief

      Many people are accustomed to pain killers to get relief from pain. Consuming many tablets is not good for health. It causes many imbalances in your body. One special remedy to cure pain is through Islamic recitals. The more you practice, the more effective is your enchanting in curing. Take the balm which you use. Recite Surah Fatiha 79 times. Enchant “Ya Shafi” 1111 times. Blow it on the balm and apply it on the painful area.

    28. Surah Fatiha for success

      Success matters a lot for everyone. No one likes to fail and remain unsuccessful. Success brings confidence and happiness. One must take care of putting their efforts and hoping success in good matters and staying away from sins. Enchant Surah Fatiha 101 times. Recite “Ya Fattah’u” 700 times. And make supplication for success.

    29. Surah Fatiha for skin

      Apart from problems, diseases, and wishes, Surah Fatiha can also be used in beautification. Many women are very conscious of their skin. They do not like to see any kind of damage to their skin health. An easy practice for them is to recite Surah Fatiha 11 times. Enchant Surah Yousuf once. Blow on their palms and rub them on their skin.

    30. Surah Fatiha for wishes

      Everyone has needs and wishes to be fulfilled in his life. How much ever rich and happy he might be, he still has to bow before ALLAH and make supplication for his needs. By showing your weakness before ALLAH, you gain his mercy and blessings. Enchant Surah Fatiha 101 times and make supplication for the fulfillment of your desires.

  3. Surah Fatiha benefits in Urdu

    1. Surah Fatiha for Rizq

      Hum sab ALLAH ta’ala se dua mangte hain keh uski tawajjuh hasil karein, woh hamare gunah bakhshe aur hamein musibat se bahar niaklein. Kabhi kabhi hamari dua fauran qubool hoti hai aur kabhi zyada waqt lagta hai. ALLAH ta’ala se Astaghfar karte rehne aur gunahon se bachte rehne se Rizq me kushadagi hoti hai. Rizq mein barkat ke liye 21 martaba Surah Fatiha awwal wa aakhir 3 martaba durood ke sath padhein aur dua karein.

    2. Surah Fatiha for Rishta

      Har ladka aur ladki ki yeh chahat hoti hai keh unhe ek acha rishta mile. Bilkul apki marzi ke mutabik rishte milna asan nahi hota. Rishta karte waqt deendari par zyada dhyan dena chahiye. Dua ke zariye aap apne muwafiq rishta lasakte ho. Iske liye har namaz ke baad 41 martaba Surah Fatiha padhkar apne rishte ke liye dua karein.

    3. Surah Fatiha for Hajat

      Yeh fanah honi wali duniya mein hazaron logon ki hazaron khwaishat hain. Unki hajatein unke liye bohat zyada ahmiyat rakhti hain. Kuch logon ko paison ki zarurat hoti, kuch logon ko ghar ki, kuch logon ki aulad se mutalliq aur kuch log apne roz marra ke muamlat mein rukawat par qabu pana chahte hain. Hajat chahe jo bhi ho agar sahi hajat hai toh dua ki madad se usko poora kiya jasakta hai. Har hajat ko poora karne ke liye Fajr ki namaz ke baad Surah Fatiha 111 martaba padhein. Aur “ALLAHU SAMAD” 313 martaba padhkar dua karein.

  4. Related Surah Fatiha Benefits

  5. Concluding Surah Fatiha Benefits

    All the spiritual practices related to Surah Fatiha Benefits are free to use. Anyone could recite it with the right intention. It does not matter even if you are a beginner. By practicing on it regularly you too can become a spiritual expert. The condition is you should stay away from sins. Be Punctual with your 5 obligatory prayers (namaz) and other compulsory deeds of Islam. Take care of cleanliness and correct Arabic pronunciation during the recitation. Perform it with full dedication and faith in Almighty ALLAH that he will grant you. Recite Durood before and at the end.

    If you have any more doubts or problems you may leave a comment or Ask a question Or Email at [email protected].

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