Hazrat Ali Quotes


Hazrat Ali (Radiallahu a’nhu) is one of the four great companions of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). He is the fourth caliph of the Muslims. He is also the cousin and the son-in-law of the beloved Prophet. Hazrat Ali was born inside the sanctuary of the Kaaba in Makkah – the holiest place of Muslims. He was the first amongst the children to accept Islam. He is known as the leader of all Wali. His knowledge is vast and he is known for his bravery. It is clear from the Hadith that only a believer loves Ali and only a hypocrite keeps hatred for him. Whoever’s master is the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon), his master is Ali. The Prophet is the big city of knowledge and the door  to it is Ali.

  1. Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

    Imam Ali quotes about love

    1. When a man falls in love (metaphorical) with something: He becomes blind to its defect, His mind remains susceptible for its favor, His sight and hearing loses the power of viewing and listening realities. He cannot tolerate to notice or hear anything against the object of his love.
    2. The heart’s affection is the most valuable treasure.
    3. Water purifies your body, knowledge purifies your intellect, tears (which flow in the fear of ALLAH) purify one’s self and Love of ALLAH (the perfect, defectless) purifies your soul.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about friendship

    1. Poor is not the one who does not have money, poor is the one who does not have any good friend.
    2. Friendship transforms a stranger into a relative.
    3. Do not make friendship with liars.
    4. If you want to know the attributes of a person, examine the friends he usually spends his time with.
    5. Make friendship with the one who fears ALLAH and is truthful, else your loneliness is your best friend.
    6. Stay away from hypocrites and do not befriend the treacherous

    Hazrat Ali Quotes about life

    1. “The most blessed life is of the one who supports other Muslims during his life.”
    2. “Nothing in this world is permanent.”

    Hazrat Ali Quotes about death

    1. Every breath of a person makes him one step closer towards death.
    2. People are asleep, they shall wake up when they die.

    Hazrat Ali Quotes about education

    1. “A wise man will correct himself when proven wrong while the ignorant will keep arguing.”
    2. “The one who educates himself and improves his own morals and character is superior to the one tries to teach and train others.”

    Imam Ali quotes about Mother

    1. “Do not use the sharpness of your tongue on the mother who taught you to speak.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about loneliness

    1. “No loneliness is more miserable than self-admiration.”
    2. “Telling the truth left me with no friends.”
    3. “Pick up loneliness over evil friends.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about anger

    1. “Anger is like a ball of fire, but if you swallow it, that is sweeter than honey.”
    2. “Never make a decision in anger and never make a promise in happiness.”
    3. “A moment of patience during anger prevents thousand moments of regret.”
    4. “Anger begins with madness and ends with regret”.

    Hazrat Ali quotes on trust

    1. “If you succeed in deceiving someone, do not think how foolish he was, rather think how much trust he had on you.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about attitude

    1. “Do not praise yourself and do not rejoice when others praise you.”
    2. “No mirror can reflect the picture of a human as best as his attitude and the way of speaking do.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about betrayal

    1. Do not betray anyone who trusts you, even if he betrays you. Do not disclose his secrets even if he discloses yours.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about backbiting

    1. “The one who listens to a backbiter loses his friend.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about hurting someone

    1. “The biggest evil is to belittle the painful advice of the caring, sincere adviser and becoming fooled by the sweetness of the flattery of malicious praiser.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about heartbreak

    1. “The greatest shame is to mock at something that you have in yourself.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about destiny

    1. “ALLAH’s plans are better than your dreams.”
    2. “You must know that you can never get what has not been destined for you.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about an enemy

    1. “A friend may turn into an enemy someday.”
    2. “It is better to listen to a wise enemy then to seek advice from a foolish friend.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about a fake friend

    1. “Your friends are many when you count them but in hardships, they become few.”
    2. Do not be accompanied with those who love the world more then Almighty Allah, because, if you become poor they will leave you and if you become wealthy they will envy at you”.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about health and depression

    1. “O Muslims! When ALLAH is the reason for you to live, you do not have any reason to quit.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about happiness

    1. No Sadness lasts forever. No Happiness lasts forever (in this world).

    Hazrat Ali quotes about jealousy

    1. Jealousy is the worst disease.
    2. The jealous is always sick even when his body is healthy.
    3. A believer is never jealous.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about job

    1. Do not destroy your faith behind sustenance. Because the predestined sustenance will search you like the death chases a dying person.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about knowledge

    1. The ability to tell ” I do not know” is half of the knowledge.
    2. A little knowledge removes lot of ignorance.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about liars

    1. The biggest punishment of a liar in this world is even his truth get’s rejected.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about money

    1. Knowledge is better than wealth because knowledge preserves you and you preserve the wealth.

    Hazrat Ali quotes on wife

    1. The happiest man is the one whom ALLAH has given a good wife.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about power

    1. Do not talk about your power in front of weak.
    2. Authority, wealth or power does not change a person, it just reveals him.

    Hazrat Ali quotes on patience

    1. Through patience, great things can be accomplished.
    2. Remain patient and know that whatever is taken away from you will be replaced with something better.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about the personality

    1. Be soft without being weak. Be strong without being violent.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about respect

    1. I am astonished at those when you respect them they disrespect you and when you disrespect them, they respect you.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about revenge

    1. “The most merciful person is the one who forgives when he is able to take revenge.”
    2. “The best revenge is to improve yourself.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about success

    1. “The bitterness of patience gets erased by the sweetness of success.”
    2. “The one who practices patience will never be deprived of success, even though it may take long time to reach him.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about smile

    1. “Smile even if blood is dripping from your heart.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about sadness

    1. “The sin that makes you sad and repentant is more dear to ALLAH then the good deed that makes you arrogant.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about speaking

    1. “Speak only when your words are more beautiful than silence.”
    2. “A wise man thinks first and then speaks while a fool speaks first and then thinks.”
    3. “A wise man always has something to say, whereas a fool needs to say something.
    4. “Silence is the best reply to a fool.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about struggle

    1. “Life consists of two days. One is for you and another is against you. When it is in favor of you, do not be proud and when it is against you, be patient, for both are the test for you.
    2. “When the world pushes you onto your knees, you are in the best position to pray.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about time

    1. “A graceful refusal is better than a lengthy promise.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about teacher

    1. “The one who taught you even a single word is your teacher”.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about work

    1. “Work for the betterment of life as if you shall live forever and work for the better end as if you die tomorrow.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about wisdom

    1. “Perfect your wisdom by conquering your lustful desires.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about a woman

    1. “Woman is created as a delicate creature, with strong feelings to shoulder responsibility for educating society and moving towards perfection.”
    2. “ALLAH created women as a symbol of his beauty and to give comfort to her partner and her family.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about hard work

    1. “A hopeless person sees difficulties in every possible chance and a hopeful person sees chances in every difficulty”.
    2. “Gold is tested with fire and a believer is tested with trials”.

    Hazrat Ali quotes about world

    1. “The one who is aware of this world’s reality is not saddened by that which befalls him in it.”
    2. “The world is a strange place, where those who lack modesty are considered beautiful, those who cheat are considered clever and the loyal are considered fools.”
    3. “Victorious is the one who sells his world for the life of hereafter.”
    4. “The world cannot defeat you until you accept it’s defeat.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes about husband wife

    1. “The jihad of a woman is to offer a pleasant company to her husband.”

    Hazrat Ali quotes on character

    1. “The worst of the faults is interest in other Muslim’s faults.”
    2. “A good moral conduct can neutralize the lack of beauty, whereas, lack of morals cannot be fulfilled by beauty.”
  2. Hazrat Ali Quotes in urdu

    List of Hazrat Ali ke qaul aur naseehat in hindi/urdu for its readers.

Hazrat Ali quotes about dhoka

  1. “Agar tum kisi ko dhoka dene mein kamyab hojao toh yeh mat sonchna keh woh kitna bewakoof tha balke yeh sonchna use tumpar bharosa kitna tha.”
  2. “Dunya daar (ALLAH se zyada dunya se mohabbat karne wala) ki sohbat ikhtiyaar na karo, kyunke agar tum tangdast hojao toh yeh tumhe chod denge aur daulat mand hojao toh tumse hasad karenge.

Hazrat Ali quotes about dunya

  1. “Dunya aur aakhirat ki misaal ek shaks ki do biwi ki tarah hai. Ek ko raazi karo toh dosri rooth jati hai.”
  2. “Yeh dunya bhi kitni ajeeb hai behaya ko khoobsurat, Imaandar ko bewakoof aur be-imaan ko aqalmand kehti hai.”
  3. “Kamyabi hasil karne ke liye apko akele hi aage badhna hota hai, log aapke saath tab aate hain jab aap kamyab hojate hain.”
  4. “Dunya tumhein us waqt tak hara nahi sakti jab tak tum khud se na haar jao.”
  5. “Koshish karo keh tum dunya mein raho, dunya tum mein na rahe, kyunkeh kashti jab tak pani mein rehti hai khoob tairti hai lekin jab pani kashti mein aa jata hai toh doob jati hai”.
  6. “Insan dunya mein is qadar mashghool hota hai keh usay pata bhi nahi chalta keh jis kapday se uska kafan banna hai woh bazaar mein aachuka hai.”

Hazrat Ali quotes about dost

  1. “Apne Kisi bhi musalman dost ko fuzool na samjho Q keh jo darakht phal nahi desakta woh saya zaroor deta hai.”
  2. “Jo zara si baat par dost na rahe toh samajh jana keh woh dost kabhi tha hi nahi.”
  3. “Dost ho ya parinda azaad chod do. Laut kar aaye toh tumhara hai warna kabhi tumhara tha hi nahi.”
  4. “Jahan jis musalman mein sachayi aur khuloos nazar aaye wahan dosti ka haath badhao, warna tumhari tanhayi tumhari behtareen saathi.”
  5. “Tumhare 3 dost hain: Tumhara dost, tumhare dost ka dost, tumhare dushman ka dushman. Tumhare 3 dushman hain: Tumhara dushman, tumhare dushman ka dost aur tumhare dost ka dushman.”
  6. “Bura dost garam koile ki tarah hai. Agar jalta huwa hoga toh apko jala dega. Aur agar bhuja huwa hoga toh apke haath kaale kar dega.”
  7. “Acha dost kitni dafa kyu na rooth jaaye usay mana lena chahiye kyunke tasbeeh ke daane kitni hi martaba kyun na bhikrein chun liye jaate hain.”
  8. “Sabse zyada kamzor aadmi woh hai jo ache dost ko hasil karne mein nakam ho aur usse bhi zyada kamzor woh hai jo haath aaye huwe ache dost ko ganwa de.”
  9. “Bure dost ki sohbat se bacho kyunke woh talwar ki tarah hai jo dekhne mein khubsurat aur asar mein khatarnaak hai.”
  10. “Hazrat Ali se pucha gaya, Dunya ka sabse ameer shaks kaun hai? Jawab mila, Dunya ka amer shaks woh hai jiske dost mukhlis hain.”
  11. “Laakhon ko dost banana koi badi baat nahi. Badi baat yeh hai keh aisa dost banayen jo apke saath us waqt de jab laakhon apke mukhalif hon”.
  12. “Kabhi apne dost ki sachayi ka imtihan na lo, kya pata woh waqt ke haathon majboor ho aur tum ek acha dost kho do”.
  13. “Apne dushman ko 1000 mauqay do keh woh tumhara dost banjaye lekin apne dost ko ek bhi mauqa na do keh woh tumhara dushman banay.”

Hazrat Ali quotes about ehsan

  1. “Jispar ehsan karo uske shar se bacho.”
  2. “Ehsan jata kar apne ehsan batil na karo.”
  3. “Jisne tumhe tanhayi mein tumhare aib dikhaye, agar aqal ho toh usne tumpar ehsan ki inteha kardi.”
  4. “Tum kisi ke saath bhalayi karo aur tumhein uska badla burayi ki surat mein mile toh samajh jana tumhari neki qubool huwi hai.”

Hazrat Ali quotes about izzat

  1. “Adab ke zariye apne izzat ki hifazat karo aur ilm ke zariye apne deene islam ki.”
  2. “Logon ke aibon se is tarah ghafil hojao jaise sote waqt tum dunya se ghafil hojate ho.”
  3. “Zillat uthane se behtar hai takleef uthao.”
  4. “Tum acha karo aur zamana tumko bura samjhe yeh issay behtar hai keh tum bura karo aur zamana tumko acha samjhe.”

Hazrat Ali quotes about ikhlaq

  1. “Barish ka khatra seep aur saanp donon ke muh mein girta hai. Lekin seep usay moti aur saanp usay zehar bana deta hai. Jiska jaisa zarf, waisi uski takhleeq.”
  2. “Khush akhlaq ke saath khush akhlaqi se paish aana kamal nahi. Bad-akhlaq ke saath khush akhlaqi se paish aana kamal hai.”
  3. “Khubsurati ki kami ko akhlaq poora karsakti hai. Akhlaq ki kami ko khubsurati poora nahi karsakti.”
  4. Shareef ki pehchan yeh hai keh jab koi sakhti kare toh sakhti se paish aata aur jab koi isse narmi kare toh naram hojata hai aur kamine se jab koi narmi kare toh sakhti se paish aata hai aur jab koi sakhti kare toh dhela hojata hai.
  5. Akhlaq ki qeemat kuch nahi deni padhti magar usse har cheez khareedi jasakti hai.

Hazrat Ali quotes on islah

  1. Jisne kisi ko akelay mein nasihat ki usne usay sawar diya. Aur jisne kisi ko sabke samne nasihat ki usne usko mazeed bigaad diya.
  2. Jisne tanhayi mein tumhare aib bataye, aqal ho toh usne tumpar ehsan ki inteha kardi.”

Hazrat Ali quotes about gussa

  1. “Galat baat par gussa aajana sharafat ki nishani hai aur usi gusse ko peejana momin ki nishani hai.”
  2. 3 insan 3 chezon se mehroom hain. >> Gusse wala durust faisle se.   >> Jhoota izzat se.   >> Jald baaz kamyabi se.
  3. “Pait bhar kar khana na khao kyunke Dil ko sakht, Namaz se sust aur Jism ko fassad bana deta hai”.

Hazrat Ali quotes about parda

  1. “Be-parda aurat ALLAH ke nazdeek koi izzat nahi rakhti.”
  2. “Aurat ki be-pardagi, mard ki be-hayayi ka saboot hai.”
  3. “Zahir mat daikh. Zaruri nahi keh jo khoobsurat ho woh khoobseerat bhi ho.”

Hazrat Ali quotes about khamoshi

  1. “Jo tumhari khamoshi se tumhari takleef ka andaza na karsake uske saamne zuban se izhar karna sirf lafzon ko barbad karna hai”.
  2. “Usi waqt bolo jab tumhare alfaz khamoshi se behtar hon”.
  3. “Lafz insan ke gulaam hote hain lekin sirf bolne se pehle tak. Bolne ke baad insan lafz ka gulam banjata hai.”
  4. “Jab Insan ki aqal mukammal hojati hai toh uski guftagu mukhtasar hojati hai.”

Hazrat Ali quotes about kismat

  1. “Jaise amal karoge waisi adat padegi. Jaisi adat hogi waisi hi seerat hogi, jaisi seerat hogi waisi qismat paoge.”
  2. “Har woh din eid ka din hai jis din insan koi gunah na kare.”
  3. “Agar kismat ka likha sab kuch hota toh ALLAH insan ko dua mangna kabhi na sikhata.”
  4. Hazrat Ali se kisi ne pucha keh Sawal(S): Qarib kya hai? Jawab(J): Qayamat. (S): Qarib tar  (J): Maut.  (S): Ajeeb kya hai? (J): Duniya.  (S): Aur a’jeeb tar  (J): Talib e dunya.  (S): Wajib kya hai? (J): Tauba.  (S) Aur wajib tar? (J): Gunah ke fauran baad tauba.  (S): Mushkil kya hai?  (J): Qabar mein utarna  (S): Aur mushkil tar? (J): Amal ke begair utarna

Hazrat Ali quotes about jhoot

  1. “Jhoot bolkar jeet jane se behtar hai sach bolkar haar jao”.
  2. “Hamesha sach bolo take tumhein qasam khane ki zarurat na pade.”
  3. “ALLAH ke nazdeek sabse zyada gunahgar cheez jhoot bolne wali zuban hai”.

Hazrat Ali quotes about maafi

  1. “Zindagi jeene ke do hi raste hain: Bhool jao unhe jinko muaf nahi karsakte aur muaf karo unhe jinko bhool nahi sakte.”
  2. “Logon ko aise muaf karo jaise tum khuda se ummeed rakhte ho keh woh tumhein muaf karega.”
  3. “Aazmaye huwe ko aazmana bewakoofi hai”.
  4. “Pait bhar kar khana na khao kyunke Dil ko sakht, Namaz se sust aur Jism ko fassad bana deta hai”.

Hazrat Ali quotes about munafiq

  1. “Har baat par haan mein haan milana munafiqat ki nishani hai.”
  2. “Jiska koi dushman na ho, sirf dost ho usse bada munafiq koi nahi. Dushman toh uske hote hain jo haq baat bolta hai.”

Hazrat Ali quotes about mohabbat

  1. “Jis shaks se had se zyada mohabbat ho usse utni hi nafrat bhi hosakti hai, kyun keh khoobsurat sheesha jab toot jata hai toh khatarnaak hatyar ban jata hai.”
  2. “Jo tumhe khushi mein yaad aaye samjajh jao keh tum use mohabbat karte ho aur jo tumhe pareshani ke waqt yaad aaye toh samajh jao keh woh tumse mohabbat karta hai.

Hazrat Ali quotes about narazgi

  1. “Jab tumhare dil mein kisi ke liye nafrat paida hone lage toh fauran uski achayiyon ko yaad karne lago.”
  2. “Jo dukh de usse talluq na rakho aur jis se talluq na rakho usse dukh na do.”

Hazrat Ali quotes on sabr

  1. “Sabr aisi sawari hai jo apko girne nahi deti, na kisi ke nazaron mein, na kisi ke qadmo mein.”
  2. “Sabr ki do suratein hain. Napasandeeda cheez ko bardasht karna aur pasandeeda cheez ka intezar karna.”
  3. “Haram kamon se nafs ko rokna bhi sabr ki dosri qism hai.”
  4. “Aisa bohat kam hota hai keh jaldbaaz nuqsaan na uthaye aur aisa ho hi nahi sakta keh sabar karne wala nakaam ho”.

Hazrat Ali quotes on zaban

  1. “Zaban ka wazan bohat hi halka hota hai lekin bohat kam log ise sambhal paate hain.”
  2. “Pareshani mein mazaq aur khushi mein taana mat do”.
  3. “Insan ki tamam pareshaniyan baaton ki wajeh se hoti hain”.

Hazrat Ali quotes about rishtey

  1. “Rishte khoon ke nahi ehsas ke hote hain. Agar ehsaas ho toh ajnabi bhi apne hojate hain. Agar na ho toh apne bhi ajnabi banjate hain.”

Hazrat Ali quotes about Nafsani Khwaish

  1. “Farishton mein aqal aur Janwar mein khwaish hoti hai. Insan mein dono hoti hain. Agar khwaish ko daba le toh farishta aur aqal ko daba le toh janwar banjata hai.”
  2. “Jisne apne nafs par bharosa kiya usne bohat bade kazzab (jhoota) par bharosa kiya.”
  3. “Insan karta woh hai jo woh chahta hai aur hota woh hai jo ALLAH chahta hai. Karte raho woh jo ALLAH chahta hai, hoga woh jo tum chahte ho.”

Hazrat Ali ke qaul on insulting

  1. “Logon ke aib bayan karne se bacho, aib tumhare bhi hai zaban logon ki bhi.”
  2. “Agar tum kisi musalman ko chota daikh rahe ho toh ya toh door se daikh rahe ho ya guroor se.”
  3. “Har kisi ko utni ahmiyat do jitni woh tumko deta hai. Agar kam doge toh maghroor kehlaoge. Agar zyada doge toh khud gir jaoge.”

Hazrat Ali ke qaul about jahannum

  1. “Insan gunah karne ki wajeh se jahannum mein nahi jata balke gunah par mutmayin rehne aur tauba na karne ki wajeh se jahannum mein jata hai.”

Hazrat Ali ke qaul about Ikhlas

  1. “Tum acha karo aur zamana tumhein bura samjhe yeh isse behtar hai keh tum bura karo aur log tumhein acha samjhe.”
  2. “Jo shaks ALLAH ko bhool jata hai, ALLAH ta’ala uski apni jaan bhi bhula deta hai.”
  3. “Sirf apni zarurat ke liye ALLAH ko pukarne wala ALLAH ko donon suraton mein chod deta hai. Apni zarurat poori ho tab bhi aur apni zarurat poori na ho tab bhi.”

Hazrat ALi ki naseehat about ummeed

  1. “Lambi ummedon se bacho kyunkeh yeh tumhari dosri nematon ko tumhare nazar mein haqeer bana deti hain aur tum na-shukri karne lagoge.”
  2. “ALLAH taala se ummeed rakhne wala kabhi nakaam nahi hota, mayoos toh woh hota hai jiski ummedein dunya se wabasta hon.”
  3. “Insan jab kisi cheez se darta hai toh usse door bhagta hai. Lekin jab ALLAH se darta hai toh uske qareeb hojata hai.”
  4. “Log dukh nahi dete balke logon se wabasta ummedein dukh deti hain.”
  5. “Agar tum maut ki raftar ko daikh lete toh tum zaroor ummedon aur umangon se nafrat karte aur hargiz inme maghroor na hote.”

Hazrat Ali ki naseehat on khubsurati

  1. “Khoobsurati kapdon se nahi, ilm aur adab se hoti hai.”
  2. “Khubsurati ki kami ko akhlaq poora karsakti hai. Akhlaq ki kami ko khubsurati poora nahi karsakti.”

Hazrat Ali qaul on Ilm

  1. Ilm daulat se behtar hai, kyunke Ilm tumhari hifazat karta hai aur daulat ki hifazat tum karte ho.
  2. Aadmi agar aajiz ho aur neik kaam karta hai toh isse acha hai keh quwwat rakhe aur bure kaam na chode.
  3. 4 baatein Ilm ka nichod hain. >>ALLAH ki utni ibadat karo jitni tumhe ALLAH ki zarurat hai. >>ALLAH ki nafarmani utni karo jitna ALLAH ke a’zaab par sabar karsakte ho. >>Dunya ke liye utna amal karo jitna keh tumhein dunya mein rehna hai. >>Aakhirat ke liye utna amal karo jitna keh tumhe wahan rehna hai.

Hazrat Ali ki nasihat on Ikhtiyar

  1. Daulat, ikhtiyar aur taqat aisi cheezein hain jinke milne par log (aksar) badalte nahi balke bay naqaab hojate hain.

Hazrat Ali qaul on Rizq

  1. Hazrat Ali se kisi ne pucha , agar kisi ke ghar ka darwaza band kardiya jaaye aur usay tanha chod diya jaaye toh uska rizq kahan se aayega? Aapne faramaya jahan se uski maut aayegi.
  2. “Pait bhar kar khana na khao kyunke Dil ko sakht, Namaz se sust aur Jism ko fassad bana deta hai”.
  3. “Jab tum dunya ki muflisi se tang aa jao aur Rizq ka koi rasta na niklay toh sadqa dekar ALLAH se tijarat karo”.
  4. “Aye Ibn e Adam, Jab gunahon ke bawajood ALLAH ki nematein musalsal tujhe milti rahein toh hoshyaar hojana keh tera hisaab qareeb aur sakht tar hai.”

Hazrat Ali ki nasihat on musibat

  1. Hazrat Ali se kisi ne pucha keh insan par aane wali musibat saza hai ya azmaaish hai? Apne jawab diya keh jo musibat ALLAH se qareeb karde woh azmaish hai aur jo ALLAH se door karde woh saza hai.

Hazrat ALi qaul on nigah

  1. “Jiski nigahein azaad ho uska dil ranjeeda hota hai aur hasraton mein mubtala rehta hai.”
  2. “Jab aankhein nafs ki pasandeeda cheezein dekhne lag jayein toh dil anjaam se andha hojata hai.”
  3. “Apni sonchon ko pani ke qatron se zyada shafaaf rakho kyunke jis tarah qatron se darya banta hai usi tarah sonchon se Emaan banta hai.”

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