Life is beautiful and dear to everyone. It attracts all those in it towards it constantly. Sometimes, it surprises people with it’s ups and down. In fact many fail to understand what exactly is the life? Why are we born here? Why will we die again? What will happen after we die? Is it the end of our life forever?

Well, Almighty ALLAH has clearly explained all the realities of this life and the existence of another life even after death.We are granted the opportunity to come into this world so that we may understand about the mercy and bounties that our creator ALLAH has showered upon us; So that we may realize his greatness and obey his messenger and be thankful his favors upon us. 

Therefore, this life is a testing place where you will meet both happiness and sadness. During happiness one should be grateful to Almighty ALLAH, and during sad moments one should ask for patience from his Lord and remain patient. Surely, nothing is going to last forever. This is a place of temporary stay while the life after this is everlasting. A believer must prepare for the long-lasting life.

All the prophets and the followers of the Prophet demonstrated us the real examples of how to lead the life and achieve success in this life and the life after this.

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