Bukhari Hadith 6 – Sahih Al Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 1, Number 6

Bukhari Hadith 6

Bukhari Hadith 6

Bukhari Hadith 6 In English

Ibn e A’bbas (Peace be upon him) narrates that the Prophet () used to do charity abundantly, much more than anyone else. And during the month of Ramadan his ‘granting’ nature would reach its peak. The angel Jibrael used to meet the Prophet every night during Ramadan and rehearse the Holy Quran. Allah’s Messenger was the most generous person, even more generous than the fair winds [sent (by ALLAH) with glad tidings ( of rain)], in readiness and haste to do charitable deeds. [Sahih Al Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 1, Chapter 5, Hadith number 6]

Bukhari Hadith 6 In Urdu

Imam Bukhari ne kaha hamein A’bdan ne Hadith bayan ki, inhone kaha hamein A’bdullah ne khabar di. Unhone kaha keh hamein Younus ne khabar di Zohri se. Imam Bukhari ne kaha hamein Bishr bin Muhammad ne hadith bayan ki. Unhone kaha keh hamein A’bdullah ne bayan ki aur unhone kaha hamein  Younus aur Ma’mar ne isi ki misl khabar di Zohri se unhone kaha keh mujhe U’baidullah bin A’bdullah ne khabar di Hazrat Ibn e A’bbas (radiallahu a’nhu) se woh bayan karte hain keh RasoolAllah () tamam logon se zyada sakhawat karte the. Aur sabse zyada sakhawat aap Ramadan mein karte the. Jab Hazrat Jibrael apse mulaqat karte aur Hazrat Jibrael apse Ramadan ki har raat mein mulaqat karte the aur apse Quran majeed ka daur karte the. Pas RasoolAllah () logon ki nafa ke liye bheji huwi hawaon se zyada khair ki sakhawat karte the.  [Sahih Al Bukhari, Jild 1, Kitab 1 – Kitab Al Wahi Baab 5, Hadith 6]

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