Marriage is the process through which a man and a woman enter into a new relationship binding themselves into a contract of Islamic rules and regulations. After marriage, the husband must fulfill the rights of his wife over him. And the wife must obey her husband in all permissible deeds and respect him. It is through marriage that the couple makes their relationship public and a lifetime commitment. When a husband and wife look at each other with happiness, Almighty ALLAH showers his mercy over them. Husband and wife love is one of the signs of ALLAH’s love. It shows how much he loves his creatures. It is he who puts your love into the heart of your spouse even though there is no blood relation. Except ALLAH no one could impart love in your partner’s heart if he does not wish to create it.
Everyone wishes to get married. At present marriages are becoming very hard. If you are unable to get married perform any of the following duas for marriage soon.

Dua for marriage
Dua for immediate marriage
Dua to get married

Dua for marriage problems
Dua for marriage proposal
Dua for happy marriage

Dua for happy marriage

Dua for Happy Marriage

What is Dua for happy marriage? Happiness and peace are very important in married life. For a successful happy married life, one should always maintain love and respect in their

dua to get married

Dua To Get Married

What is Dua to get married? When two people decide to spend their life together, they unite themselves in a marriage relationship. Every boy and a girl dreams to have

dua for marriage proposal

Dua for Marriage Proposal

What is dua for Marriage proposal? Marriage proposal is a proposal in which a person asks for another person’s hand in marriage. When the person acknowledges, it gets bound into

dua for marriage problems

Dua for Marriage Problems

What is Dua for marriage problems? Do you know what marriage is? Few people define it as a formal relationship, while few said it is the contract of love between

dua for immediate marriage

Dua for Immediate Marriage

Dua for immediate marriage proposal Ayat e karima for marriage ritual acts as a strong dua for immediate marriage. Ayat e karima is a powerful dua that is recited by