Love is an intense feeling of deep affection in which a person has a great pleasure for someone or something. When a person falls in love with some person, he becomes blind to his defects. His respect for and interest in his lover increases. He sacrifices many of his comfort for the sake of his love. If a person blindly loves some person or something without any proper intention, he does not receive rewards from Almighty ALLAH for his act. But if he loves someone or something for the sake of ALLAH, so that his love can bring him and his lover closer to ALLAH, then he will be rewarded for his acts which he does within the limits of Islam.
If you want to increase love in your husband or wife or want the love from someone you love, legally, then you may perform the following dua according to your requirements.

Dua for love
Dua for true love
Dua for husband love
Dua to make someone fall in love with you

Dua for love and attraction
Dua for love of ALLAH
Dua for making someone love you

dua for love and attraction


Dua for husband love and attraction It is the dream of every wife to seek her husband love and attraction. Sometimes, the worldly affairs can keep your husband so busy

Dua for love


Strong dua for love In this ritual, One should recite the Surah Nisa 5 times daily and make dua for love of your partner. Nisa means “The Women”. This is